UPDATE: Super-fans Re-Assembling Stolen Superman Collection

11 Sep

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As word of the theft of Superman fan Mike Meyer’s collection continues to spread across the internet, people from around the world are pledging well-wishes, drawings, and hundreds of Superman comics and collectibles to mail to Meyer. Here’s a master list of one site’s pledges and donated comics (scroll to the end of the thread for the most recent master list).

The Facebook page devoted to helping this cause has a message from Meyer:

I want to Thank you my new found friends. It’s almost as if you all formed a fan club which should be referred to as “Supermen/women United” and this dark cloud that was over me has disappeared and the sky is clear. You are certainly applying the scripture Matthew 7 vrs 12. On the other hand this Gerry who is a no good buzzered like predator is applying the traits in the scripture of 2nd Timothy 3 vrs 2 to 4 and he will not enter into the Kingdom. Thank you very much for your support it has been very encouraging. On the other hand if my stuff is returned to me I will inform you. Special note “I would like to see George Reeves on a postage stamp.

This Facebook page also now has a preliminary list of the items that were stolen, if you want to order specific items to help replace what went missing.

Events like this can only strengthen one’s faith in humanity: On this day of remembrance and service, why not make this one of your good deeds for today?

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