UPDATE UPDATE: Helping a Super-Fan

13 Sep
Yesterday's Man Of Tomorrow

What Super-fans are like on the inside. (Image by JD Hancock via Flickr)

So the owner of The Comic Conspiracy is done talking about the “GD” Action Comics #1 un-boycott.

A couple days ago, I asked him if he and his customers and Facebook readers would be willing to join the cause to help Mike Meyer with his stolen Superman collection. It looks like he and at least one other person are pledging books to help the cause!

The Comic Conspiracy got a lot of criticism about a boycott that many saw as a knee-jerk reaction to something that wasn’t there. But the store should be praised for its good work, as well, and I want to publicly thank everyone who’s helped Meyer.

I was torn about whether to write about this, because I don’t want people to think I’m just tooting my own horn here. But I decided that, ultimately, this might help get the word out some more and/or inspire more people to do good.

UPDATE:  The thread with the master list of books pledged to send Meyer reports that

The first set of packages are arriving at Bill’s house. While I know they are not all from us here I’m sure some are.

Bill’s quote from Facebook.

It has been nearly an hour since I arrived home and I am still numb. I pulled up in front of my house to find 31 packages and envelopes stuffed into our mailbox and piled up in front of our front door… all for Mike. To say I am overwhelmed is a total understatment. When my wife walked through the front door, I think she thought we were running a UPS branch office. The addresses are from across the United States. I am planning to see Mike on Wednesday or Thursday of this week and will take everything I have to date over there. I intend to take some photos to post here. Thank you Thank you Thank you… You all are sooo amazing!!!

Keep spreading the word, everyone!

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