Dear Marvel: Now That Brian Wood’s Back…

15 Sep

We interrupt this website for some fanboy ramblings… (yeah, yeah, so what else is new)

Brian Wood 2012 Marvel teaser

So he'll be writing Power Pack, then?

Now that Awesome Comics Writer Brian Wood will be writing for Marvel Comics again, can the rest of his previous Marvel work (Generation X#71-75) be collected?

I talked about this briefly on the Marvel Masterworks Fan Site a while back, but I say it bears repeating.

Counter X Volume 2 collects the first chunk of his run (Generation X #63-70, co-written with Warren Ellis), and it’s fantastic – probably the best mainstream post-Matrix, post-Columbine comic to deal with young outsiders and bullied kids. And there’s hardly a superhero costume in sight. It came out just after the first X-Men movie and laid the groundwork for Grant Morrison‘s work on New X-Men soon after. This is the kind of “pop” comics that Ellis and Morrison were talking about a decade ago, and I hope Marvel continues to have room in its line for these kinds of stories. It’s a damn shame this series was cancelled soon after this.

Most issues were drawn by Steve Pugh, and he gave the characters real personality. His inkers don’t always do the artwork justice – Pugh’s at his best when he inks himself (as on Animal Man or Superman vs. The Terminator), and especially when he also colors himself (as on Hotwire, also developed with Ellis).

Ellis gave the second-tier X-titles a focus and purpose, and it sucks that they disappeared with the Nu-Marvel X-purge. I think these titles would have been very comfortable alongside Morrison’s New X-Men and Peter Milligan & Mike Allred’s X-Statix.

As an aside, I should mention that Counter X Vol. 2 isn’t a perfect collection: in addition to the missing #71-75, it would have been nice if lettering errors were fixed; Ellis’s original story notes were included; the cover pencils to Generation X #63 were correctly credited; and the remaining covers had any credits at all. (Marvel’s collections have a tendency to not credit cover artists and colorists: I hope this an oversight, and not a policy…)

Which comics do you think need to be collected/reprinted?

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