Free Friday Fun (Plus One Non-Free-But-Still-Cool Thing)

16 Sep
The box art for the PC version of Portal.

Unless you're blind, you should get this. NOW. (Image via Wikipedia)

A few things to start our weekend – all without spending a dime!

EXCEPT FOR THIS:  SVK, the new comic from Warren Ellis and D’israeli, is available again here. The book comes with a special flashlight to view the characters’ thoughts, which are printed in invisible ink (Good luck with that one, internet pirates!) Wired published a review when the first printing was released a few months ago (here). This is the creators’ first collaboration since Lazarus Churchyard, and it looks incredible.

CNet reports that Steam is offering the videogame Portal as a free download. If you don’t already have it, drop everything and get it now!

Illegal Art is offering a new, free mixtape by legendary mixer Steinski here as a companion to the deluxe reissue of the brilliant music documentary Copyright Criminals. Sampling shouldn’t be considered stealing – support copyright reform and buy some Illegal Art!

The L.A. Times‘ Hero Complex blog has a great article on the Fleischer Superman cartoons of the early ’40s – still considered among the best superhero cartoons of all time. Check out a couple in the article, then go watch the others online – they’re in the Public Domain, so it’s free and legal!

Finally, a new trailer for The Muppets has been released – The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo:

If you want to see what inspired that trailer:

Is that Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs singing? In any case, after hearing that, the only thing left to do is watch Viking Kittens

I’m not sure if I’ll have time to post again today or tomorrow – lots to do ’round these parts. Either way, have a great weekend!

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