QUOTE OF THE DAY: Brandon Graham

22 Sep

On his blog, Brandon Graham (creator of King Cityand many other comics Made of Awesome) wrote,

King City 2 cover

SRSLY, this comic is THE SHIT. Not reading it is like missing a limb.

It always gets my ire up when I see creators and publishers saying shit like “ If you’re illegally downloading our comics, you’re stealing from us” –I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to shame readers into paying for books. Someone yelling at me for being a crook doesn’t make me want to give them money.

I feel like part of this job is to get people excited about what you’re putting out and making something for them to read that’s worth being excited about.

Granted I do think that ideally the people putting the stuff out should have a say in how it’s presented but The harsh cold reality is that downloading comics is free, easy and without consequences. I feel like the trick is to make a book that is something worth owning in print.

I think about Head shops carrying underground comix next to weed pipes or EC comics being accused of corrupting the youth or Mad magazine or Heavy metal full of nudity from the future. Selling cool to the kids– don’t let your mom see these comics!

I have faith in my own work,and the comics that I’m excited about I feel like if enough people saw them they would want to own them on paper. When I find some amazing comic online one of my first reactions is always –Where can I find a copy of this.?” for me I can only understand how comics sell by thinking about what I would buy.

I think one of the strengths of comics on this internet is that we can show comics to such a huge audience outside of just who goes into comic shops. You can be their dealer instead of some scolding school principal.

Brandon Graham is one of best and most original voices in comics today, and he’s got his finger on the pulse. Go bookmark his blog (Royal Boiler) now!


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