DC New 52: Another Take on the Starfire Controvesy

26 Sep

David Willis at Shortpacked.com has something to say with his latest strip:

Shortpacked Starfire strip

Shortpacked is a great webcomic – click over for more!

One Response to “DC New 52: Another Take on the Starfire Controvesy”

  1. The Hook October 24, 2011 at 10:36 #

    You have to admit, the character was originally conceived and drawn with one hand!
    She made out with Robin in order to “absorb his language through the skin”, she defied gravity and stood upright even though her rack was on par with Lady Death and her own sister pimped her out as a sex slave for years!
    The Teen Titans cartoon was a blip in the radar.
    Besides, DC knew they were going to generate tons of press with the Jenna Jameson version and that was the plan all along, I’m sure.

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