LOTS’ O LINKS: DC New 52, WTF Comics, and More

28 Sep

Good afternoon, folks! As I’ve been preparing for going to APE this weekend, several comics-related stories have cropped up that I thought were worth sharing.

Wonder Woman has an axe. Empowerment!

DC announced that all 52 titles have sold out and are being reprinted. Hopefully, DC will print enough reprints to go around this time.

While certain DC New 52 titles have been clearly aimed for the young-male demographic, some folks have posted what their kids thought of them. THIS IS AWESOME.

Fantasy author Michele Lee shared her daughter’s thoughts on Starfire and Red Hood #1:

“Do you think the Starfire in the Teen Titans comic book is a good role model?”

“Yes, too. She’s still a good guy. Pretty, but she’s helping others all the time and saving people.”

“What about this new Starfire?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Why not?”

“Because she’s not doing anything.”

And Timothy Callahan at CBR talked with his 10-year-old son:

“Justice League” — what did you like about that first issue?

Most of all, I liked how Green Lantern is a complete jerk. It kind of fits him because he seems like, “I am so awesome, I can do anything.”

You think that’s a good characterization?

Yeah, because he’s a Green Lantern and a Green Lantern is all about willpower. You’ve gotta have a lot of willpower if you think that highly of yourself.

What about “Batman and Robin,” you said you liked that too?

I mostly liked how Robin was, and — how he was kind of a jerk to Batman.

So you like comics when they have superheroes who act like jerks? That’s a common theme here.

Well, I like them being funny jerks. Not jerk jerks.

J. Caleb Mozzocco at Robot 6 had some thoughts about Wonder Woman #1:

This is Wonder Woman as a cool, removed, flinty warrior who is always ready, willing and able to slay monsters and resolve conflicts with Wolverine-like violence…

It doesn’t make any sense to dress the characters in brand-new costumes if the effort is to attract lapsed readers and new readers (people familiar with the classic costumes form their constant presence in pop culture), but it does make sense as a signal to old readers that everything is going to be new and different now.

…She had to chop that horse-lady’s arm off? She couldn’t have just lassoed her?

The New York Times published a good Op-Ed about the depiction of mental illnesses in DC Comics:

RESPONDING to years of declining readership, DC Comics — the publisher behind Superman, Batman and other superheroes — recently reintroduced itself with 52 new titles, featuring characters and story lines that better reflect today’s diverse sensibilities.

But it remains to be seen whether that diversity will include more accurate portrayals of mental illnesses. Although the reintroduction is in full swing, it’s not too late for DC to use its unique and influential position in American pop culture to combat harmful stereotypes.

Given the harmful depictions of Catwoman and Starfire, I doubt that DC is going to get right on this…

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool shows us what an acceptable level of graphic violence in DC’s T-rated books. I’m not one for ratings systems, myself – and I’m sure that most younger readers won’t care too much – but isn’t making this the norm for DC’s classic lineup of titles going to drive away the parents who buy the comics for a lot of kids? I’ve got no problem with using shock to good effect, but this seems like it’s shocking for its own sake, and that’s a poor replacement for good storytelling.

Meanwhile, Cracked posted a hilarious article today entitled, “The 6 Most WTF Special Edition Comics Ever Released“:

…it’s not surprising that people will also dish out good money for any comic book-like product that features their favorite characters, and we mean absolutely any comic book. It doesn’t matter if it’s missing insignificant things like a plot, logic or even any entertainment value whatsoever, someone will obviously buy that shit, because the comic book industry just keeps on making them. Stuff like …

Punisher swimsuit

You can tell it's the Punisher because of the skull. Move over, Starfire!

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  1. The Hook October 24, 2011 at 10:43 #

    I still can’t believe how well the “New 52” experiment is going!


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