New 52: DC is Doing a Reader/Retailer Survey [UPDATED]

28 Sep
DC Comics: NYC Oct. 2009

"But please, PLEASE don't tell us in person." (Image by Rob Thurman via Flickr)

From Diamond’s Previews website:

DC Comics has thanked retailers and fans for their enthusiasm and support during the launch of THE NEW 52, but in a new appeal they’re asking for feedback in a new online survey.

As they made clear from the beginning, their goal was to expand the market by appealing to new/lapsed readers. They believe this has happened, but now they’d like feedback from the fanbase and comic shop retailers about where to go next.

DC has engaged Nielsen NRG, the world-class research company, to survey U.S. consumers and retailers (online and in person), to learn more about DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and its readership.

You can participate by completing a “Reader Survey,” online at The Survey is available now, through Friday, October 7.

Retailer will also be asked to complete an individual “Retailer Survey.”

DC Comics promises to release the results sometime early next year.

Please note – DC will not be retaining any consumer information associated with this survey. Additionally, Nielsen will be visiting a handful of comic shops nationwide for in-person interviews and will be surveying digital consumers from its app/website.

Click on over and let ’em know what you think of the New 52!

UPDATE:Several responders have gotten the message,

“Thank you for sharing your opinions!

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, you do not qualify for this particular survey.”

Hint: Be sure to indicate that you’re not familiar with “Nerak”…

UPDATE 2: This is what you should see at the end of the survey:

Thank you for sharing your opinions!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions! Your answers have been received and this survey is now completed.

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