ORION Joins ADC with a New Feature on Digital Comics!

29 Sep


by Orion Tippens

Comixology screen imageBeware the digital comics revolution. The time of the digital reading format is here; storming your e-readers, tablets, gamestations, smartphones, and computers. Even Facebook isn’t safe. Meanwhile, Comixology is currently the top-grossing Apple IOS app for the iPad, and it’s now ready to set the new  Amazon Kindle Fire…on fire.

All of which means, everyone with a digital device has a potential comic book store on their person, or the office and home. So, is the comics industry saved?

I would like to think so. Because I nearly gave up comics, resorting to the occasional graphic novel or trade paperback. I had less time (and money) to visit far off comic stores, I also felt disillusioned with the push of popular comics driven by the movies and media hype, and the denial of lesser known favorites being stocked due to the ignorance of some arrogant comics store owner.

But, reading comics on my iPad brought the sexy back. I didn’t realize it until too late (with much of the DC 52 to blame). Now, I am looking forward to Wednesdays again, trying new reads, buying classic books on sale, sampling whatever is free. That is me.

What is this madness? Why give your money for so many intangible bytes on a screen? The answer is simple, comics are back to their roots within the digital lands. There is nothing wrong with collecting print issues. I just believe market speculation, variants, recalls, etc. have showered poison upon the comics world. Meanwhile, here are my supported reasons as to why I believe the digital comics revolution will usher a new golden age and bring readers back:

Digital comics have no value. 

That’s right! You download and read comics for the sheer entertainment as they were originally meant to be. There is no mint condition, no creasing or worry about coffee stains. When you make your selections, you’re aware that your downloads won’t put your kids through college. I read and enjoyed Walking Dead #1 for free online via a legal download. This doesn’t make me any less of a Walking Dead fan than some rich bastard who shelled out a grand for a graded print copy of that same #1.

Your collection stays with you.

And yes, digital purchases can turn into a collection. Buy enough online, and you too will share the joy of accumulated sequential-art literature. Carry your books anywhere you go on your able e-reader or tablet device to a cafe, party, park, whatever. Every now and then, I feel a quick rereading of Frank Miller’s Sin City can really get me through the day. And poof, there it is! Even better, sharing your comics joy can take on a whole new level, as the convenience of showing your downloaded titles to one another is as easy as a swipe and push. All much easier to introduce some talkative stranger to Chew during a long wait at the airport.

Justice League of America #196 coverCollecting classics, cheap!

I love a good sale on vintage books. In the real world, that means buying damaged goods or feeling lucky enough to happen upon them in some dusty old book store. On the iPad, this means the simple joy of finding all of my (or your) childhood favorites, back in flawless color and considerably less than those expensive “Masterwork” or “Archive” editions. Just the other day, I was thrilled to see Justice League Vol. 1 #195-197, an awesome George Perez pre-Crisis story arc, priced together for less than a Big Mac and much more satisfying.

Less accessible comics? No worries

In the past, it’s been sad how many people I have recommended the collected Axe Cop trade paperback to, with the result being unavailable at the nearest comics retailer. Meanwhile, Our Love is Real instantly sold out and going for big bucks on eBay. As for the sold out DC 52, I suppose we could wait for 2nd prints. Oh, the bandwagons…am I late again? But, here to save the day, are the digital downloads. All of the above are available now and so much more.

Orion's Comixology titlesEvery day can be Free Comic Book Day

Pretty much every comic book app and digital app service has free comics. There remain at least hundreds of free previews, first issues, and some big surprises out there. This is the best way to get hooked on Hellboy, Y: The Last Man, and more of the greatest fun.


Overall, this is not to say that our beloved (and dwindling) comic stores are in danger as a result of the digital revolution. Well, maybe they are, but that depends on how the dealers react and how many prefer print. For me, comic stores are still the greatest place to find and purchase tangible goods on those favorite “geek” obsessions. That includes toys, shirts, graphic novels that feature much bonus material, buttons, games, etc. Comic stores are also the best place to discuss and sometimes argue the latest storyline or stupid controversy. The retail book stores, meanwhile, continue to be unreliable as many shut down, and others simply hide their selections in the “young adult” section.

So, in order for the comics industry to exist and thrive in a world of dying print, the digital comics revolution needs the full support of its community. By support, I mean acceptance and some suggesting to those not keen on the paper: adding apps that provide digital access via their IOS or Android gadgets, then the downloads.

Which is why for All Day Comics, I, Orion (son of Darkseid) will contribute weekly to the digital front with new info on the latest digital deals, hot tips, buried treasure, and some surprises. I welcome all feedback, and hopefully tips and suggestions of your own.

Orion Tippens loves comics, writing, and travel, and hosts his own blog at captainipad.blogspot.com.

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