Shannon Wheeler Art Show Opens in Portland Tonight!

6 Oct

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Hey Portlanders,

When you’re done with today’s Occupy Portland protest, why not celebrate fighting the power by attending the opening of Shannon Wheeler (of Too Much Coffee Man fame)’s new art show?

Via Fantagraphics:

Shannon Wheeler art show

I had a great conversation with Shannon and his awesome girlfriend Ronnie at APE. He’s had several books come out this year, all of which deserve your cash.

Shannon Wheeler

The man, the myth, the hat. (Image via Wikipedia)

I just read Shannon’s con-exclusive Postage Stamp Funnies: Dirty Cartoons (the one-panel jokes too dirty for the regular release), and they are HILARIOUS. I put them right up with Ivan Brunetti’s Haw!, Ho!, and Hee! collections, which are among my all-time favorite one-panel cartoon collections. Get your Mommy and/or Daddy’s permission and hard-earned money and buy some dirty comics!

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