Ice-T Goes White & Nerdy

25 Oct

by Mike Hansen

Cover of "Pimp to Eat"

Well, if not white, then he’s still light enough to go Incognegro…

This was a strange-but-good surprise: Ice-T and friends going Nerdcore, rapping about technology and comics characters in addition to smacking a bitch. It’s weird to hear the Godfather of Gangsta like this, but it’s cool that he still has tricks up his pimp coat’s sleeve.

On my last CD-buying spree in San Francisco, I picked up the stellar album Pimp to Eat by Analog Brothers, a side project from 2000 featuring Ice-T, Kool Keith and others. The tracks are filled with tight old-school sounds from 808s and 909s, with the kind of crazy dope flow typical of Kool Keith’s all-over-the-place eclectic approach. With lots of comic-book references, like track 6 (“Analog Anilalator vrs. Silver Surfer”) and track 2:

(obviously NSFW lyrics)


Some more classic cuts:



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