ORION’S ADC Comic of the Day: DOCTOR WHO Vol. 2 #9

15 Nov

Hey guys, Mike here – I’m aware that a lot of you noticed that the site’s other fine contributors haven’t been seen much this month – that’s my fault for not keeping up with my in-box! There’s a lot of good stuff from my pals that you’ll be seeing, starting NOW, with hardcore Doctor Who fan Orion and a story of a guy, his Sonic Screwdriver, and his ROBOT DINOSAUR:

Doctor Who Vol. 2 #9

Writer: Tony Lee, Artist: Josh Adams

IDW, Sept. 2011, 21 pages

review by Orion Tippens

Doctor Who Vol. 2 #9 cover AMissing new Doctor Who on the television, but not the head-rattling, timey-wimey nonsense of ridiculously elaborate plans to kill our beloved Doctor? Did you enjoy the fun, creative goodness of the better standalone episodes (“Vincent and the Doctor”, “The Girl Who Waited”), better appreciated not only by us fans, but those less familiar who enjoy a good, often campy science-fiction story?

Well, here you go, we have this issue of the current comics run based on the series. Here is all the fun of the show, as we join the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and a dinosaur named Kevin. Yes, the Doctor has a robot dinosaur companion named Kevin who hangs in the TARDIS for a few issues. It’s a long story that has nothing to do with River Song.

Doctor Who Vol. 2 #9 photo coverSo that being said, join us for a fun story involving religion, squids, and space. While time-cruising for milkshakes, the Doctor and company end up on a troubled space station where people live in fear of the end-times and some space Cthulhu thing – while others are mind-controlled. Together, it’s all good fun and somewhat reminiscent of the Eccleston season with everyone speaking in camp, our usual astray companions, and crazy confusion sorted out by the Doctor’s clever wit and point of the Sonic.

The art is okay, not spot on as usual for this comic series of constantly switching artists. But the story is fun and conclusive, and welcome to even those not quite on board with the Doctor Who TV series. And, there is a robot dinosaur.

Robot dinosaurs are cool.

Orion Tippens loves comics, writing, and travel, and hosts his own blog at captainipad.blogspot.com.


Yes, they are, Orion. Yes, they are…

IDW has done an amazing job with putting out a strong lineup straight outta Dark Horse’s playbook, with a great mix of licensed/creator-owned/company-owned titles. The IDW section of Previews is always one of my favorites, as they always seem to have a cool surprise or two that I MUST OWN.

What a perfect time to embed one of my favorite unauthorized-sample-heavy songs of the ’80s:

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