Thieving Bastard Gets 6 Years in Prison for Stealing Superman Stuff

16 Nov

by Mike Hansen

This is an original Superman costume owned by ...

Here, donators, put this on. You've earned it. (Image via Wikipedia)

I saw this yesterday and forgot to mention it (and I’m probably the last to, at this point…) – the Belleville News Democrat reports that scumbag Gerry Armbruster, the man who stole 1800 Superman items from a disabled collector, was sentenced to six years in prison:

…[Theft victim Mike] Meyer was touring [Superman co-creator Jerry] Siegel’s home Tuesday when he heard that Armbruster had pleaded guilty and received a six-year prison sentence.

“Mike said he wishes they could have put him in for a couple of years longer, but he is happy that (Armbruster) will spend some time behind bars,” said Keith Howard, friend and fellow Superman fan who accompanied Meyer to Cleveland.

Police caught up to Armbruster in September while investigating another crime: Armbruster had beaten and robbed a 76-year-old man who was trying to hire him to clean up a vacant business on the block.

Armbruster pleaded guilty to residential burglary and aggravated battery…

What an absolute bastard. I wish him luck finding a job in six years: I don’t think Google will be very forgiving to him in that time.

I’m honored to be part of a community that came together and supported Meyer while his collection was missing. And I’m proud to see a fellow comics fan like Meyer do the right thing, following Superman’s example, and pass on the extra Superman donations that were sent to him to a local children’s hospital.

Last month, St. Louis’ STLToday reported on Meyer donating his extra Superman stuff to St. Louis Children’s Hospital:

Hospital staff stacked six boxes of Superman collectibles and figurines on the prize table, nearly quadrupling what the children could vie for.

Meyer had donated it all, feeling it was only proper.

“I’ve been blessed with a lot of things, so I wanted to share them,” he explained on Wednesday of his decision to donate the duplicates. He added, “When you make somebody happy, it does something for you, too.”

[Keith] Howard, of Belleville, said nobody who gave to Meyer has asked for his or her donations back — in fact, just the opposite.

If you haven’t yet, click and read this entire story: It’s a real heartwarmer.

Stories like this are what keep me going. There are always going to be assholes trying to spread their misery, but there will always be people who come together and spread goodness. As I’ve heard Dr. Drew say a number of times, dedicating one’s life to be in service of others is the greatest and most fulfilling thing one can do. The people who do this are all Supermen in my book.

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    Glad they got him!


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