Friday Reading: A rare 1967 Jack Kirby story from Esquire

9 Mar

by Mike Hansen

King Kirby

'Nuff said, True Believer.

This has been on the internet before, but the best-looking color scan yet of Jack Kirby’s 3-page story “46 Hours and 36 Minutes in the Life of Jack Ruby” (from the May 1967 issue of Esquire) appeared recently on the Marvel Masterworks Fan Site message board. User Famac “destroyed” his copy of this magazine so the story could be shared with the world. (Jack Ruby, as you may know, shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.)

Kirby worked in a variety of genres, though by the 1960s he was best known for his unparalleled creation of the foundation of the Marvel Universe (Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, the Avengers, X-Men, etc.). This is a rare “true-life” story from Kirby’s body of work. The story (inked by Chic Stone) has been reprinted only once – in black-and-white, in The Jack Kirby Collector #2 from 1994.

Here’s page 1 – click here for the whole thing, and have a great weekend!

Kirby Esquire 1

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