Before Watchmen’s non-cover on Previews

16 Mar

by Mike Hansen

Found this picture via Bleeding Cool:

Before Watchmen Previews cover

the back cover to the next issue of Previews, dropping in a couple weeks. Copyright Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, held hostage by DC Comics, Inc.

I guess the already-leaked covers to all of the Before Watchmen comics in this catalog weren’t deemed good enough to promote this “event.”

And it’s probably safe to say that the 1-for-25 and 1-for-200 variant covers, all by other artists, haven’t been drawn and/or approved by DC yet?

I thought I’d suggest some alternate text for this cover:


ahem. sorry.


please buy this before we have to cancel more New 52 titles

It’s just as good as Watchmen! Just like The Kingdom was just as good as Kingdom Come. Right? Right…?

we give up

DC: officially out of ideas

our Collected Editions department really needs a hit; we’re tired of cancelling solicited volumes every month


Any other ideas, readers? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a ball…

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