Move over, Phoenix Jones: Seattle now has a Real-Life Super-Villain: Rex Velvet

4 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Rex Velvet symbolWhile Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superhero Crime Fighting Movement have been in the news, courts, and comic-cons, it looks like one man has had enough: Rex Velvet, a.k.a. “The People’s Villain,” representing something called the Social Villains Alliance.

Some might find these videos disturbing… I find them hilarious:

So, is Rex Velvet who he says he is? On the one hand, the videos seem to be produced by something called Rocket Launch Productions. On the other… Velvet does drive a DeLorean.

And he did appear on Reddit the other day to answer questions from the public…

I’d like to know what this moustachioed man has to offer Seattle as an alternative to its costumed crime patrols. Will his villainy return the Rain City to glory, or drive it into ruin? While the superheroes walk freely among Seattle’s citizenry, this baddie in a bowler hat seems to prefer solitude (other than his cameraman). Is he willing to appear in public like the heroes he despises, perhaps at San Diego’s Comic-Con? Maybe only time will tell: I’m signing up for his Facebook and Twitter pages to see if I can learn more.

Real or not, it appears that Seattle just got more interesting…

6 Responses to “Move over, Phoenix Jones: Seattle now has a Real-Life Super-Villain: Rex Velvet”

  1. Orion Tippens June 4, 2012 at 14:01 #

    I find this whole exchange interesting and have been following developments. What makes this intriguing is how this evolved beyond the strange typical comic book theatrics. One one hand, we have Phoenix Jones who moved on from the vigilantism. He still does these patrols, but I think we wants to promote the neighborhood watch mentality on an urban level. Sometimes, just calling the police, or calling attention to it rather than just standing by is being a hero enough. And if there is immediate danger, intervene but with good sense in what you can do to help (PJ uses pepper spray). Many of us deep inside look up to super heroes usually out of childhood nostalgia, so we consider their ideas of whats right more than our common people. His wife in her own super heroine persona, as Purple Reign is bringing more awareness to domestic violence issues. Perhaps, in time I think social awareness may be the collective super power of the Rain City Superheroes.

    On the other hand, Rex Velvet has been a bit of a puzzle. I believe much of what he does is in good fun, and perhaps a little promoting of his (or his studio’s) production skills. The videos are of great quality and he certainly has a fun sense of humor. Yet, the man who is Rex Velvet is well aware that if he actually does anything against the law, or promotes anything against the law, than his act and fun will be over. So he instead looks to ridicule our Emerald City crusaders, with words and promoting the rejection of them. There are those, who view real superheroes as ridiculous, so they join Rex in escalating the ridicule by going along with the socially established enemy of Phoenix Jones. The question, is the endgame of Rex to promote his image, and perhaps his own activist ideas (the disdain for fantasy inspired heroics)? If yes, than perhaps he and Phoenix Jones are more alike than we consider. Maybe they will both consider that, and accept this feud, perhaps engage in some playful challenges for a mutual charity that could benefit the city they both obviously love.

  2. Council of Ninja June 4, 2012 at 19:54 #

    Greetings. We are The Global Council of Ninja Pacific Northwest Council of Ninja branch, Media Representative of The Legion.

    Rex Velvet, also known as the civilian Ryan Corly who is a Wedding Photograher is nothing more then a penny-ante wise cracking little boy with Peter pan envy. In short he is nothing more then a worm riding on the coat-tails of Phoenix Jones.

    This is and here after a warning to all those who follow Ryan Corly. Your IP’s are being watched, just as we are watching Mr. Corly. Once we have enough evidence on those associated with him, prepare yourselves for the fact that you will be all facing jurisprudence from local law enforcement.

    We. The Legion.

  3. Slightlynorth June 5, 2012 at 07:20 #

    Dear Council of Ninja, (wait, are you a council or a legion? I’m confused.)

    Greetings to you as well. Also: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What kind of “jurisprudence from local law enforcement” will you make me face, exactly? Idle threats from an idle inelegance, eh?

    Here, I’ll save you some time. My IP is currently: Oh wait, that is an internal private IP address. Guess no jurisprudence for me. Sad day.


  4. The Hook June 6, 2012 at 11:28 #

    What’s wrong with people?


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