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12 Jun

by Mike Hansen

The cover of World War Z

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal raised his $20,000 to spite FunnyJunk in only 64 minutes. He’s now at over $117,000.

Warren Ellis explains why he’s cool with Iron Man 3 using his ideas without paying him. (At least modern creators know what they’re getting into – too bad it doesn’t help the original creators that built comics in the 1930s-1970s.)

Liked the Avengers movie? Support the Jack Kirby Museum!

Were cave dwellers the first animators? Could be.

Speaking of animation – this is the greatest comics commercial I’ve EVER SEEN:

Why can’t DC’s New 52 commercials be that good? (And why are the currently running commercials advertising the upcoming collected editions almost exactly the same as the old ones? That’s a good way to get kids to tune out.)

Speaking of the New 52, it looks like sales have come back down to earth. The Beat contributor Marc-Oliver Frisch has some interesting analysis, breaking down the overall sales numbers and how they compare to DC’s historic highs and lows – with comments from other notables like John Jackson Miller and Ain’t It Cool‘s Optimus Douche:

The good news is that DC managed to boost and stabilize its line after a very tough couple of years. The bad news is that DC took its best shot and it bought them a reset to 2010, basically.

Pick your narrative.

(Okay: DC needed to do something big to boost sales. It chose a strategy that only worked in the short term, which not only lost a significant number of old readers but had a significant promotional expense. Although half of the line has seen a big boost, the other half has tanked – and DC continues to reshuffle creative teams, and cancel and relaunch titles, in an effort to save the overall line. Which explains Before Watchmen – another short-term sales boost that devalues the properties under its control in the long term. Meanwhile, its handling of Wildstorm properties continues to be impotent, and most creators are avoiding Vertigo due to its restrictive contracts, leading to that brand’s own sales troubles. How’s that?)

And finally, the first two drafts of J. Michael Straczynski’s screenplays adapting Max Brooks’ fantastic zombie novel World War Z have been posted online. Read ’em while you can.

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