THE NIGHT BEAST reviews Pixar’s Brave!

29 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Hi everyone, we’re back in effect – we’ve got some big plans for Comic-Con, and I’ve been working on a few projects that I can talk about really soon (probably right after the Con) – but in the meantime, I’ll try to get as many cool posts up on ALL DAY COMICS as I can!

BRAVEReader THE NIGHT BEAST just sent in his review of BRAVE… I can’t wait to see this one. Remember, reader reviews are always welcome – this site’s for all of you guys! Here’s what he thought:

Brave (2012)
Last night I finally got a chance to see Disney’s animated film Brave.
Brave is simply an absolutely gorgeous film. But before I go any further
about Brave I have to get this out of the way….La Luna!!!

La Luna is an animated short that was shown before Brave and
folks….folks……holy jahwakamolie….MAGNIFICENT! La Luna is a tiny yet grand
tale of wonderment. It dares to tell you that this dream is real with its
message of purpose filtered through life, love and light. During this
superb exercise in lighting you quickly get lost as the story draws you in
with no words (well there is communication but well…you’ll see) but only
the action of the job at hand. I have to admit I teared up a little for
the story, the characters and the visuals as the story enlightened you on
the wonders of this world. La Luna, I must say was a pleasant surprise. La
Luna….sigh….la luna


I saw Brave in 3D. I have to say I prefer 2D. Only because the screen is
brighter and not so layered. 3D is fun but a teeny tiny bit distracting. I
am wired weird like that…

Brave is a tale of a young girl princess named Merida that is at a point
in her life where she has made up her mind about who she is and what she
wants and does not want. I loved this film for its messages and
characters. Well it’s many messages and many many characters. So many
strong and colorful characters it is really hard to pin down one that I
loved and felt a connection with. But if I had to pick one I have to
say…..Merida’s hair. I know that’s silly but honestly…the advances and
techniques used today really made me notice. Almost notice too much. But
that’s the connection I felt…an artistic connection.

Look….the story is solid and unpredictable. Landscapes, action, visuals
and the mostly faint sub story are all great. All the characters you fall
in love with. Merida is her own person and you feel and care for her
struggle to get that message across to all involved including the mini
messages within but when it came down to it I was comfortable in this safe
non clichéd tale of personal identity. So comfortable I kept catching
myself focusing on the absolute perfection and flawless digital rendering
of Merida’s hair.

I really don’t like negative reviews for I am a lover of all films so
maybe it’s Pixar’s fault. They have set the bar so high in original
storytelling and visuals that Brave fell a little short to that bar.

Brave….overall….Brave is a great Disney film!! High marks across the board
and I recommend that everyone should see it…..

…but it’s not quite Pixar status.

Thanks for reading.
-The Night Beast

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