DVD/Blu-Ray exclusives: Batman: The Dark Knight Reborn, Avengers, Hunger Games

26 Jul

by Mike Hansen

Avengers Blu-Ray Target exclusiveThis drives me nuts.

Some big-box retailers are releasing exclusive editions of some big movies on disc – and they don’t just have exclusive packaging (which is neat, but not necessary to me), they also have exclusive CONTENT. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge sucker for bonus features.

Target is offering (for preorder only on its website) exclusive editions of The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Avengers comes with an extra 90-minute documentary on a bonus disc, and The Hunger Games comes with 4 bonus features totaling 45 minutes of bonus content. Of course, I had to preorder the Blu-Rays, since most movies have exclusive features on Blu-Ray discs now…

And now Best Buy will be releasing a new exclusive Batman documentary at the end of the year called The Dark Knight Reborn. Of course, it looks awesome. Check out this preview video:

That looks amazing. Of course, I must have it.

Usually, I can wait to add something to my collection – I just buy stuff used or on sale months (or years) later. But these exclusives tend to disappear pretty quickly, so I have to give these evil big boxes and movie studios my money. Argh.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool has linked to what may be the most ridiculous Blu-Ray exclusive of all time. Ugh.

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