Let’s all laugh at the horrible people on eBay

26 Jul

by Mike Hansen

Batman Incorporated #3 regular cover art

Batman Incorporated #3 regular cover art

So a couple of sites have mentioned that DC Comics asked retailers not to place Batman Incorporated #3 on store shelves for a few weeks, due to sensitivity issues surrounding the Aurora shootings. Many, though far from all, retailers have complied. So readers have to wait a few more weeks to read it; no big deal, right?

Well, enter the eBay Opportunists. A quick search of eBay finds every edition of this issue available – which is fine – with many copies being offered for over cover price – again, fine, it’s a free country; if someone’s a big enough sucker to spend too much money, that’s their business – but many sellers have listed the issue as recalled by DC Comics, which is a big fat lie. Out of 27 (!) listings for Batman Incorporated vol. 2 #3, 15 of them use the word “Recall” in the listing title.

Feel free to click here and let them know what you think of their deceptive sales practices…

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