ADC Comic of the Day – Chew: Special Agent Poyo #1

8 Aug

by Orion Tippens

ADC Comic of the Day


Chew: Special Agent Poyo #1

Writer: John Layman, Artist: Rob Guillory

Image Comics, July 2012, One shot?

Poyo coverBehold, the deadliest cock on Earth!

Meet Poyo, the vicous rooster spinning off from the pages of Eisner Award-winning comics series Chew. In the past, Poyo was a champion cock fighter, now a government agent with the violent temper retained. In a past issue, he ripped a human heart out, with his beak. Poyo is “concentrated mayhem. feathers, rage and hate.”

Secret Agent Poyo is the perfect expansion to the Chew writer/artist John Layman and Rob Guillory maddening world of cloak and platters. Unfamiliar readers to the Chewverse may also enjoy this odd story. All readers need only prepares themselves for a hefty round of absurd violence and hilarious nonsense. To hell with bigger pictures, as Poyo is brilliant escapism.

So, a story begins anew. Poyo is dead, awaiting a resurrection involving his journey through Hell and cybernetic refitting by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The follow-up is his new assignment; teaming up with a British agent in the investigation of a recent downpours of raining farm animals.

Yep, that is the world of Chew I know and love. Let us continue on.

Here, we have some attempt at character development for this Angriest Bird. As readers, we have hints of an attempt at normality as Poyo almost finds love and eternal peace. Yet, violence drives his nature and propels his place in stories involving his precense. Stakes are high, as an evil force defies our hero and threatens all well-beings with torrental bloody sheep and livestock. A call to action for Poyo, is swiftness and style. Perhaps, a reward will come as a result.

Poyo excerpt 1

That in itself is a fun, short story. It is uncertain, if the Poyo comic will continue as a series. The stylings of Chew writer/artist duo are present – sight gags, unfamiliar tropes, comical expressionism, heavily detailed absurdity. As readers and fans, we should accept and welcome every possible expansion of their work equal to or greater than Poyo. I certainly do.

As a bonus, Secret Agent Poyo also contains a brilliant cover gallery by contributing artists. Some personal faves include John McCrea. Jim Mahfood, and Ben Templesmith.

Poyo excerpt 2

Grab Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1, hopefully still available at better comic stores. If not, download online through all major Image digital outlets.

 – Orion Tippens, writer of things and devourer of comic books. Currently, he is looking for a good time.

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