VICTORY: Dish Network gives me free Walking Dead Season 3

17 Aug

by Mike Hansen

Walking Dead Season 3 Official PosterSo after dicking around with the AMC networks’ channels for a month, Dish Network dropped them a few weeks ago. I’m stuck in a contract with them, and I’m not going back to DirecTV since they still don’t have G4TV (which has gotten worse since two of its best hosts left, but that’s a whole ‘nother rant), so I did a bit of research on my options.

I found articles on Pocketables and the Consumerist explaining how to call Dish to complain about the dropped AMC shows and score a free Roku streaming device for my TV. I’d been getting emails and postcards for weeks from Dish saying “DISH will make sure you can still watch Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels and The Walking Dead.” So I called the number on a postcard (1-888-796-5589)…

The first CSR I spoke to read a script that basically said that AMC were being unreasonable dicks and anyway their channels are unpopular so there, and when I threatened to cancel my Dish account over losing my favorite shows he started to try to help me out. First he told me to try using Blockbuster’s online streaming service, but when I asked him if it was free (it wasn’t), he switched gears. I got transferred to an “account specialist” who was very nice and helpful; when I told her I was concerned about losing AMC’s original programming she offered the Roku device plus a $30 credit on my account to cover the cost of one season of an AMC show.

So it looks like I’ll be getting The Walking Dead’s third season without paying extra for it after all. Win!

If you’re stuck with Dish, give this a shot – this has been going on for several weeks now, and it still works. And if they’re not being helpful, just tell them how insulted you are about what Dish’s CEO said about his customers last week

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