The problem with computer lettering

30 Aug
Català: Comic Sans - Mostra de caracters.

Comic Sans: the worst font in the history of everything. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Mike Hansen

While talking about the horrible font Comic Sans, Dave Gibbons points out something that EVERY LETTERER should know by now:

“What really bugs me is the letter ‘I’ in it because in comic books you only use the capital letter ‘I’, which is the one with the crossbars on it, for the first person pronoun. You never use it as a capitalisation of a word or within a word but I believe in Comic Sans that is the only letter ‘I’ that is available. So the whole thing always looks wrong to me. I think it’s a blight, an absolute blight on modern culture.”

You got that, letterers? FIX YOUR I’S.

One Response to “The problem with computer lettering”

  1. Mandril August 30, 2012 at 11:45 #

    i have always changed every top crossbar i to this ” I “… everything else is capitalized except the I

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