All Day Comics is the home of comics writer Mike Hansen and friends.

A lifelong comics fan, Mike Hansen hit the big time in 1997 by landing a position in the Editorial department at Dark Horse Comics.

Mike quickly moved up the ranks as an Assistant Editor on various creator-owned (Sin City, 300, American Splendor, Grendel, etc.) and licensed (Star Wars, Aliens, Predator, Terminator, etc.) titles, and was part of a small editorial team that generated Dark Horse’s most successful company-owned title in years, SpyBoy. Mike was also an Assistant Editor on a number of trade paperbacks and collected editions, as well as project Editor on the Eisner Award-nominated series of Tarzan reprints by the legendary Russ Manning and the aborted Yellow Submarine adaptation by Bill Morrison.

This was followed by a promotion to Associate Editor in charge of Dark Horse’s acclaimed manga line of books in coordination with Toren Smith and Studio Proteus. During this time, Mike was proud to accept Eisner Awards on behalf of Dark Horse (“Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material”) for Blade of the Immortal (2000) and Lone Wolf and Cub (2001). Other manga titles that Mike oversaw included Oh My Goddess!, Gunsmith Cats, What’s Michael?, 3×3 Eyes, Club 9, Cannon God Exaxxion, Seraphic Feather, and Drakuun. In addition, Mike was Editor on the final series and color reprints of The Dirty Pair by Adam Warren.

At the same time, Mike was both Dark Horse’s company proofreader and Submissions Editor, offering aspiring creators advice to help them launch their comics careers and bringing a number of established professionals to Dark Horse, including Tony Daniel, Martin Egelund, and Howard Shum.

(Because having the internet means nothing is lost forever, you can listen to Mike’s embarrassingly awkward Eisner Award acceptance speeches from 2000 and 2001, if you must (and if you have the Real Audio player)…)

Mike also began his professional writing career while at Dark Horse, with credits on various licensed titles including Star Wars and Digimon.

Mike left Dark Horse in late 2001 and relocated to California. After creating All Day Comics as a website – and now publisher – he works as a freelance editor and writer, and is a professional freelance collected-editions researcher for Marvel Comics.

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