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27 Mar

by Orion Tippens

photoWriter: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Artists: Francesco Francavilla, Jack Morelli
Publisher: Archie Comics Publications
Start release: 2013 – ongoing
Frequency: monthly, ongoing


Jughead is hungry…for human flesh?!

Yes. Afterlife with Archie is set in an alternate, less cartoonish continuity of popular Archie comics, where the small town of Riverdale is overrun with a horrific zombie epidemic; after local teenage witch Sabrina casts a necromancy spell in an attempt to revive Jughead’s dog, with unintended consequences. Living death spreads throughout Riverdale, sending America’s favorite teenager, Archie, and his non-infected friends fleeing for their lives. Their youthful life of milkshakes and sock hops is now a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

photo 1Thoughts:

Who would have thought that Archie Comics could be a source for modern horror, suspense, and drama? Yet here we are – and the result is terrifying, brilliant, and fun.

As a fan of horror and comics, I was hooked from the opening page. Not so much for the tired gimmick of zombies; but the attention to what makes the best of this sub-genre wonderful: the stage environment and the players present. We have suspense and supernatural horror mixed with casual social commentary. When done well, any overplayed genre can be made fresh and enjoyable.

Plus, I love the biting and screaming.

photo 2The Continue reading

Happy Friday! I said, HAPPY!

1 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Hope you have a better weekend than Archie:

sad Archie

What the hell, Archie? You’ve married a hot blonde, and you’ve got a sweet-ass guitar. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?

Maybe Adrian Tomine is writing Archie now? (Except even he’s done happy marriage comics, so who knows?)

Thanks to Orion for showing me this great artwork!

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28 Sep

(This post has nothing to do with the DC New 52, thank Godzilla!)Archie and Betty

New manga publisher Gen Manga has a website, and the first 3 issues are available for free download. Worth a look!

Cartoonist Tyler Page has a fantastic webcomic called Raised on Ritalin. I’ve known a number of people who were diagnosed with ADD and/or prescribed Ritalin, and it can be tough to be around people who don’t understand. Give it a read; it’s worth it!

And I’m probably the last person to find this, but have you seen Archie Out of Context? Continue reading

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