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Tracers need to watch their asses

9 Mar

by Mike Hansen

The Beat linked to this big-ass thread about Invincible Iron Man artist Salvador Larroca being the latest high-profile talent to be caught swiping.

Salvador Larroca swipe

Part of this is copyright Marvel, part is copyright the photographer, or AP, or somebody. None of this is used with permission. Uh-oh.

Is this stealing, or a fair re-interpretation of another’s work? Well…

After Mike Mayhew, David Mack, and Greg Land (among others) got caught swiping, Marvel updated its contracts to say that the artists assert that their work is wholly original (as a way to cover Marvel’s ass).

The Associated Press definitely does NOT have a sense of humor about this; it’s pursued legal action against news aggregator sites and blogs that quote from its articles.

And ALL comics artists need to be paying attention to what’s happening to Shepard Fairey, who might face JAIL TIME for Continue reading

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