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ORION returns with this week’s GOING DIGITAL: Casualties of Price Wars!

14 Oct
Image representing Barnes & Noble as depicted ...

Not cool. (Image via CrunchBase)

Going Digital: Casualties of Price Wars and Other Ridiculousness

by Orion Tippens


The shot heard around the world?

In recent news, Books-a-Million – another book store chain, joined Barnes and Noble on its recent ban on DC Comics’ select 100 graphic novels made exclusive for 4 months for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. Both chains combined total over 900 bookstores where Sandman, Watchmen, and Fables (among others) will remain invisible to consumers.

This revolting development is not really a revolution. In the end, it’s the consumers that suffer, especially those on the digital fronts. On print, such absence will help comic book stores and small business retailers not interested in such power games involving digital devices. On the digital front, this sends a terrible message to those who spent much money on their digital devices.

That by disagreement, a powerful company has proved they can easily ban books by the push of mere button. All this, over petty squabbles that involves their personal interest: mass profits. If you depend on your e-reader or tablet for comics, you can’t simply “visit another store.”  That is, unless you are rich and will just buy another expensive alternative (and possibly starting your digital comics collection over).

Or can you go back to print? The answer to that is best explored another day.

That being said, just bear this in mind when buying an e-reader or tablet. Consider the corporate entity that controls the gates on your applications, publishers, and access to your device. When out to make a profit, do they have your interests at heart? Or do we become the collateral damage?

Which brings me another subject that bothers me…

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 1 variant cover

The existence of the $3.99 digital comic as a read that contains carries the average number of pages (around 24) vs. the normal $2.99. I see this with some of DC’s new 52, Marvel’s recent crossover, and other offers.

There was Continue reading

ORION posts an update to today’s column: B&N vs. DC & Amazon!!!

7 Oct
Cover of "Watchmen"

Watchmen is sad...

(NOTE: This is an update to today’s earlier column here)

Barnes and Noble pulls 100 DC graphic novels including Watchmen, Sandman off retail store shelves?

by Orion Tippens

Yes, you read that right. Corporate headmasters, Barnes and Noble retail stores will receive instructions to pull and stop sales on all 100 of the DC graphic novels that were made digital exclusives for the upcoming Kindle Fire. As reported in Publisher’s Weekly, B&N spokesperson Mary Ellen Keating confirmed:

“We pulled those 100 DC Comics graphic novels that we were not offered in digital format. Our policy is that unless we receive all formats of a title to make available to our customers, we will not sell those physical titles in our stores.”

Here is the original list of books offered for the Kindle Fire. That’s right: no Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, no V for Vendetta, or Fables on the shelves of our national retail bookstore chains. Censorship on a terrible, grand scale?

This is Continue reading

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