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4 Nov

Hey guys, Mike here: I was telling Jeff when he sent this to me that I FINALLY got him beat on a series: my first three comic books included Incredible Hulk #215, which I still own to this day. Although Jeff wasn’t a huge fan of this issue, this title had a number of good issues in 1982-1983; my personal favorite is #278, in which the Hulk (with Bruce Banner‘s mind) receives amnesty from the President for his past crimes. Good stuff!


My First Issue of Hulk

Incredible Hulk 270 cover

The Incredible Hulk #270

April, 1982

by Jeff Polier
            This is one of those situations where my wife just can’t believe the kind of things that I remember. The first Hulk comic I can remember was at the barbershop my dad has gone to since before I was born (and still does). Never mind that it is on the opposite side of the city. Dad would still travel back to Milwaukie (Oregon, that is) where he grew up just for his haircut. If I was lucky, I was allowed to go with Dad. Not that his barber was my barber but it was pretty rare to have the opportunity to do something with him. In addition to the usual barbershop waiting room magazines there was a single comicbook. This comicbook.
            “The Goliath, the Gargoyle, and the Galaxy Master!” was Continue reading
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