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Marvel Omnibus reprints are coming!

4 Mar

by Mike Hansen

Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus 1 cover by Alex RossI’ve been waiting for an opportunity to share some news about Marvel collected editions, now that I’m a researcher on some of them. Just a few minutes ago, Marvel Senior VP of Sales David Gabriel announced that some of Marvel’s most requested Omnibus hardcovers are being reprinted:

For now we’re going with: Uncanny 1 FF 1 ASM 1 DD. Miller 1 These will start to appear in the June previews.

Daredevil by Miller & Janson Omnibus red-black coverTranslation:

Uncanny X-Men (by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, & John Byrne) vol. 1, Fantastic Four (by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby) vol. 1, Amazing Spider-Man (by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko) vol. 1, and Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson will all be reprinted this year.

This is a Big Deal because most of these have already been reprinted before (unlike most Marvel Omnibus volumes, which tend to appear and disappear: and if you missed it, you’re paying big bucks for a secondhand copy).

Fantastic Four Omnibus 1 cover by Alex RossI’m excited for a couple of reasons: One, because these four contain the most memorable and iconic material that Marvel has ever published; and Two, because these are some of the best-quality books that Marvel produces: the reproduction on the classic material is usually stellar, and the packaging (paper, binding, size, etc.) is of very high quality. Plus, since these are among Marvel’s earliest Omnibus volumes (from 2005-2007), this is an opportunity to pay a reasonable price for a better package (as these printings will have sewn binding that allows the book to lay flat without gutter loss, unlike some early printings).

Uncanny X-Men Omnibus vol. 1 variant coverThis is why I dig the Marvel Masterworks Fan Site: you never know when something cool is going to be announced to fans.

Save your pennies…

(My only question is: which covers are they going to use? The last time these were offered, both versions were reprinted – but the most recent Omnibus reprint (New X-Men by Grant Morrison) used completely different cover art…)

Jeff Alan Polier’s MY FIRST ISSUE… of X-MEN!

7 Oct

Hey guys, Mike here – hope you like Jeff’s remembrances. I miss being a kid and reading comics with un-jaded eyes… sigh… X-Men was the first series I fell in love with – I loved how Chris Claremont and John Byrne fit all of their early Marvel work together (on X-Men, Marvel Team-Up, Champions, Iron Fist, Avengers, etc….) Anyway, here’s Jeff’s latest for you guys – let us know what you think! (And by the way, no, I’m not Jeff’s cousin; there must be another Mike out there – somewhere…!)


My First Issue of X-Men

X-Men 111 cover

Uncanny X-Men #111

June, 1978

            This was another garage sale purchase when I was young. I remember exactly where the house was it came from and that I also bought an issue of Boris Karloff. When I first read this issue, it didn’t make much sense to me. Lots of excitement but I sure didn’t know who these people were or what was going on. Reading it again over two decades later, I at least know who the characters are but still think it’s a bad issue to be someone’s first. It interested me for two reasons. First, my cousin Mike was big into comics and I thought Mike was cool. Second, it was a cool cover.
            The logo (pre-Uncanny) was made to look like a circus playbill with “Now Playing” plastered over it. A carnie barker—Banshee—is announcing the show. “Step right up, ladies and gents—see the strangest show on Earth! Once they were a mighty super-team—now they are mere performing freaks!” Behind him are posters of the acts. “Storm: Goddess of Elements.” “Colossus,” carrying a one-ton weight in one hand while balancing another heavy mass on one finger of his other hand. “Nightcrawler: Man or Monster?” “Wolverine: Killer Beast in Human Form! Savage!” There’s no denying that this Dave Cockrum/Terry Austin cover is thrilling and attention-grabbing.
            “Mindgames!” was Continue reading
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