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I watched The Dark Knight Reborn documentary

5 Dec

by Mike Hansen

The Dark Knight Rises (Best Buy Blu-Ray) In case you didn’t know, the Best Buy edition of The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray set comes with a free bonus downloadable documentary, The Dark Knight Reborn. (I’ve read that this is also on the Blu-Ray disc itself for Best Buy editions, but my copy won’t show up for a few days.)

Here’s the trailer:

Overall, it’s a bit uneven, but there are a lot of fantastic moments from the making of all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Nolan is featured heavily in the interview footage, and it’s nice to see one of my favorite directors reflect on his journey of creating the ultimate Bruce Wayne story.

There’s an amazing unused shot featuring Heath Ledger as the Joker – very little happens in the scene, but it highlights just how incredible Ledger’s presence was in The Dark Knight. This moment alone made watching this worth it for me.

This “documentary” is only 38 minutes long, and it’s structured more like a string of unrelated featurettes than as a fully formed behind-the-scenes story. There are way too many talking-heads shots – I understand the need for these during the initial promotional process for a film, but a lot of the dialogue here would have worked better as narration. Speaking of which – there’s a really cheesy narrator talking over a few segments who seems to think he needs to sell the Batman trilogy (hey, guy, we’ve already bought it!).

In order to download/watch it, I had to set up a (free) CinemaNow account, which was a bit of a hassle and required going back a few times to get it to download properly. But once it was fully downloaded, I got myself a .WMV file that can be played/burned however I want.

So was it worth it? Continue reading

I saw The Dark Knight Rises

28 Jul

by Mike Hansen

No spoilers. I will just say that it is a worthy ending to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and as worth seeing as any of his films.

Keep an eye out for a brief moment that looks a bit like this:

Batman: Black and White by Alex Ross

Batman: Black and White by Alex Ross

The one line that got to me?

“…Is he back?”

That’s all you’re getting. Now go see it if you haven’t already. And hope that DC rewards more important Batman creators for its success, as they have with Jerry Robinson, Neal Adams, and Chuck Dixon…

DVD/Blu-Ray exclusives: Batman: The Dark Knight Reborn, Avengers, Hunger Games

26 Jul

by Mike Hansen

Avengers Blu-Ray Target exclusiveThis drives me nuts.

Some big-box retailers are releasing exclusive editions of some big movies on disc – and they don’t just have exclusive packaging (which is neat, but not necessary to me), they also have exclusive CONTENT. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge sucker for bonus features.

Target is offering (for preorder only on its website) exclusive editions of The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Avengers comes with an extra 90-minute documentary on a bonus disc, and The Hunger Games comes with 4 bonus features totaling 45 minutes of bonus content. Of course, I had to preorder the Blu-Rays, since most movies have exclusive features on Blu-Ray discs now…

And now Best Buy will be releasing a new exclusive Batman documentary at the end of the year called The Dark Knight Reborn. Of course, it looks awesome. Check out this preview video: Continue reading

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