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ADC Comic of the Day(s): HEART OF A CORPSE

23 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here – this is one of my favorite things about comics: finding a cool gem that I’ve never heard of before. Orion’s review here has convinced me to check this out – you’re going to want to, too! But there’s one thing I’m wondering: is creator Justin Sane the same guy from the band Anti-Flag, or is there more than one walking the earth?! – UPDATE: See comment from Mr. Sane below for the answer!)

Heart of a Corpse #1, #2

Writer, Artist: Justin Sane

Slave Labor Graphics 2011, complete story in two acts

#1 – 58 pages, #2 – 83 pages

Heart of a Corpse cover

Looking for something new, something wonderful in the sequential art format? Do you also desire creativity, an extended display of shapes and colors that tell the story more than words could? How about a romantic story with a spooktacular vibe?   Then do check out Heart of a Corpse.

What is this wonder? Heart of a Corpse is a simple story in a Victorian style setting about a hearse driver named “The Gentleman,” and his courting of the mortician’s daughter, Annabel. This leading to a proposal in marriage. But trouble happens, as another man, “the Brute,” wants Annabel to himself, and proceeds in nefarious acts against our romantic protagonist. Supernatural and abstract elements develop, adding to the entertaining twists that guide us to a thoughtful, beautiful ending.

Heart of a Corpse art 1

The execution of the story is beautiful, classic. Like a silent movie, we as readers must rely on basic visuals, with a few necessary placards for the entire story. The Continue reading

GOING DIGITAL: Killing Me Softly with Free Comics

21 Oct

by Orion Tippens

Image representing Comixology as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Don’t make me laugh, two Free Comic Book Days in 2012?

I’m not trying to kill the fun here. I love free comics, or free anything really. I just think every day should be Free Comic Book Day.

Many of us already get our “free comic days” when hitting those big comic conventions gathering samples, direct from various companies. I loved even more back in the ’90s when issues of Wizard magazine contained those bonus comics and samples. More so than now, many comic stores I frequented had many free samples of comics for the taking. Those were the days and places when free comics were just,.. there.

But now, free seems more like Continue reading

ORION IS BACK with his comics column, Going Digital!

7 Oct
Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad in San F...

R.I.P. And thanks for the iPad. (Image via Wikipedia)

Hey everyone, Mike here. Orion is the master of obscure comics knowledge (check out Mr. District Attorney below) – he’s that guy who can spot every bit of fan-service in episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I love the fact that there are comics fans who are into the weird and obscure stuff, and that’s why I agree with him that we need to make that stuff more cheap and available ASAP! Check out Orion’s words of wisdom, and let us know in the comments what you think:

Going Digital: Building the Comics Fandom Trinity

and other Weird Ideas.

NOTE: Update posted here.

Yay, comics are still around!

Thank you Amazon, for bringing the Kindle Fire while working with ComiXology and DC Comics to release 100 graphic novels at a cheap price to a new generation of potential readers. Meanwhile, the rest of us comic die-hards who have read Watchmen will express our excitement and opinions regardless of the deal. Yay, comics!

But, is that enough to make actual comic books (not comic-based films, TV, games) popular and great again?

I suppose we are on the way. Image Comics recently announced most of its new comics titles as same day (as print) available on digital download via Comixology and Graphic.ly. Also via Facebook, Graphic.ly plans to make their downloads available, making Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker now something we can “Like.” The new DC 52 will continue its same-day availability since its launch, for new readers to access an entire new generation of DCU continuity, possibly without ever touching paper. And Marvel will add a free digital download with purchase of its print version of Avenging Spider-Man #1, which will be…interesting (at least for comic store dealers).

But is that enough? Continue reading

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