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I read The Big Lie

16 Dec

by Mike Hansen

The Big Lie coverOkay, things are going to get political for a minute here.

I thought today’s report that a major paper owned by the King of Right-Wing America (Rupert Murdoch) advocates one of the major arguments of the Joker of Left-Wing America (Michael Moore) in his film Fahrenheit 9/11 – that there is compelling evidence that the Bush administration ensured that a number of Saudis and bin Laden relatives were safely escorted out of the U.S. in the wake of the 9/11 attacks – made today a good time to talk about a comic book that makes me really uncomfortable.

There are few comics that I’ve been truly embarrassed to have bought (Holy Terror being chief among them), but Rick Veitch’s The Big Lie comes closer than most. It came out in September 2011, “commemorating” the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks by advocating an already-debunked conspiracy theory that explosives helped bring down three World Trade Center buildings.

The Big Lie p13

The best conspiracies mix in plenty of truth to sound more convincing…

Julian Darius at Sequart has already written what I consider the definitive review of this work, so click over there and check it out. Then check out these cool pages of outtakes from The Big Lie on Rick Veitch’s website.

What makes me so squirmy about The Big Lie is Continue reading

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

6 Jun

by Mike Hansen

A photograph of science fiction author Ray Bra...

Ray Bradbury in 1975 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sad news: Ray Bradbury, one of the greatest authors of the past century, died yesterday at age 91.

He wrote 27 novels and over 600 short stories, many of which stand as among the greatest works of English literature of all time. Not only did he make science fiction respectable, but he made it necessary to read – his audience learned much about the world in which they lived by experiencing his dreams of the future. Some of those dreams have even come true.

Everybody has heard of (and should have read) Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man, A Sound of Thunder… Bradbury taught me how to be a better writer, a better reader, and a better dreamer.

Many of his finest short stories were adapted into comics in the 1950s by EC Comics, and these are well worth tracking down.

Tributes to Bradbury and his genius have multiplied throughout the day, and rather than add to them with another lengthy piece I’ll just share this: a short video of Continue reading

Is our comics “Art”?

3 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Bleeding Cool says the original cover painting for Tintin in America just sold for $1.6 million, a new world record. To which I say – to my university art professor, who claimed “illustration” was not “art”: SUCK IT!

Tintin in America original cover art

I’ve got 1.6 million bucks that says this is art.

That same “teacher” criticized me for presenting the class with this classic Frank Frazetta cover:

Weird Science-Fantasy #29 cover

from Weird Science-Fantasy #29 (1955). Note the masterful placement of every element of the drawing to lead the viewer’s eye.

The previous year, I had a much more open-minded art professor. For an assignment to replicate a masterwork using the same materials (I assume, to see if any students had a career in counterfeiting!), he let me do this instead:

Deathblow splash by Mike Hansen (after Jim Lee)

photo of Deathblow splash page by me (after Jim Lee), I think from Deathblow #2 (1993).

I learned more from this assignment than from anything I did in art class the following year!

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