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In honor of today’s big Disney/Star Wars news

30 Oct

by Mike Hansen

If you haven’t heard the BIG NEWS, read this first.

Here’s a feature from 1990’s Marvel Age Preview #1, a preview of Star Wars: Dark Empire, the Star Wars project that (even before the Timothy Zahn novels) brought the property back to life. Unfortunately for Marvel, Dark Horse ended up with the Star Wars license and published Dark Empire, creating one of 1991’s biggest hits in comics and Dark Horse’s biggest license scoop since the Aliens/Predator/Terminator trifecta.

(click to embiggen)Marvel Age Preview #1 p 21 Star Wars Dark Empire preview

Back when I worked at Dark Horse, I was Assistant Editor on several Star Wars titles for a couple years. I got my first professional writing credit on a Star Wars Handbook, too, giving me my first taste of creative freedom (I got to invent a lot of material for the project) – and POWER… I still get shivers thinking about the many days I was stuck at the color photocopier, making confidential reference copies for all of the Episode I creators.

STAR WARS and Me (Part 1)

22 Sep
Opening logo to the Star Wars films

The movie heard 'round the world. (Image via Wikipedia)

by Mike Hansen


No, I haven’t bought the new Star Wars Blu-Ray box set yet. I’m sure I will at some point; the extras alone make it sound worth it.

I can’t be mad at George Lucas for continuing to make money off of Star Wars – after all, Star Wars is responsible for Continue reading

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