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Ghost Rider 2-for-1 post: Gary Friedrich appeals, and I watched Spirit of Vengeance

13 Mar

by Mike Hansen

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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Blogger Daniel Best has reported that Gary Friedrich has appealed the court decision against him and his LLC regarding his claims to Marvel’s Ghost Rider as its creator (or co-creator). I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere yet – if the court is willing to hear the appeal, this could have real consequences for creators who worked under the pre-Work For Hire copyright system. Regardless of how it plays out, the $17,000 judgment against Friedrich is cruel and inhumane – there’s no reason that a reasonable settlement couldn’t have been worked out.

Disney/Marvel trotted out a couple of its big guns to try to make the company look like less of a Giant Dick. Joe Quesada gets big props from me for putting the Hero Initiative in touch with Friedrich – I hope his precarious financial situation regarding his health and home gets a happy ending. Mad props go out to everyone who donated money or participated in charity auctions on Friedrich’s behalf.

The Hero Intitiative

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Friedrich is just one of dozens of writers and artists who worked for Marvel during the pre-contract, pre-Work For Hire era who have seen the work for which they built the foundation turned into money-making machinery for which they receive little (if any) compensation. Creators have been getting screwed Continue reading

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