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Hey, it’s a Brand New DC NEW 52 survey

22 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Frankenstein (DC Comics)

A New 52 character. Also a metaphor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m back, folks!

Looks like DC Comics has stuck with Nielsen to offer another online survey – go here and let them know what you think of the New 52 so far. I just took the survey, and I was happy to let DC know what it’s doing right or wrong.

One thing to watch out for: “Orange Ivy” is the fake title this time. Make sure you mark that you’ve never heard of it, or you won’t be able to take the full survey.

A couple of thoughts on the survey:

Once again, there is no option for indicating that a customer purchased print comics from an online comics retailer. Some of the questions about going to a comics shop and making impulse purchases or whatever don’t really apply if some of the comics were preordered online.

Also, the survey did not ask any detailed questions about the characters, story, or creative teams – there was one question about how important these are to me when I buy comics. I suppose DC doesn’t want its readers second-guessing the always-fine decisions made by its editorial staff.

Anyway, check out the survey – and feel free to let me know what you think…

The internet reacts to gay people in comics

29 May

by Mike Hansen

A lot of folks have piped in on this already, but here are a couple of images that I thought worth sharing:


(Personally, I don’t have a problem with kids looking at either – kids are smart enough to know what they can handle. But this still makes a good point.)

Ty Templeton on why gayness matters in a super-heroThat’s really shoving it down our throats!  (Originally posted here.)

I Watched GREEN LANTERN (Extended Cut)

1 Nov

by Mike Hansen

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.

(Image via Wikipedia)

…and I am profoundly disappointed.


Green Lantern isn’t a bad movie, per se, but it is chock-full of missed opportunities. And, unfortunately, Warner Brothers has continued that theme with a Blu-Ray release that’s equally half-assed.

The movie itself has some great effects work, strong and believable acting from Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong, and a decent origin story. But it feels like a rough draft – that all of the interesting little details that give a film character were either not developed or sanded away. Like: it sure would have been nice to see a close-up of Hal Jordan’s face as he flies for the first time on Oa, seeing the thrill and joy of experiencing the thing that gives his life meaning as if for the first time. But no, the plot just has to move him from A to B, so that’s all we get…

I’d also love to know why Carol didn’t follow Hal out of the bar after he runs out to get his ass kicked, or why nobody addresses why Hal’s car was left in the parking lot when he flew to Oa (or what happened to it – did it get towed? Did Carol drive it home??). Why doesn’t Hal Continue reading

DC New 52: I Read a Bunch More #1s (and a Few Others)

18 Oct
Superman making his debut in Action Comics #1 ...

Boy, this comic sucked. Good thing it's being rebooted! (Image via Wikipedia)

Okay, this is just about my last word on the DC New 52. I need to figure out which titles I want to keep checking out, so I can finish this month’s Previews order! DC’s New 52 sales are great; they’re not gonna be as great in a year as people start trade-waiting or dropping titles entirely; and hopefully the quality will continue to improve…

If anything, I have to say that the first impression of the New 52 given by Justice League #1 isn’t all that accurate: this isn’t the DC Universe told early-Image-style, just Justice League. Every book really does have its own identity, rather than a uniform (and boring) house style; and DC deserves praise for this. Not that every title is good – in fact, some are pretty dreadful – but it’s easy to see that they’re trying.

(I should also mention that any criticisms of the creators’ work on these series is not entirely their fault: the New 52 clearly has a much stronger editorial and management influence than most work-for-hire projects, and plenty of blame can be laid at the feet of DC for what doesn’t work. On the other hand, I’m going to blame the creators themselves for everything that’s done right: If they’re doing incredible work while giving up their rights to it, they deserve the credit for its success.)

(And yeah, I know all of these books came out a few weeks ago. This ain’t Comic Book Resources, kids!)

Now, let’s see if any of these are as good as DC’s best company-owned title, Tiny Titans

Action Comics 1 cover

Gowan, now, git!

Action Comics #1 & 2: I’m impressed. Writer Grant Morrison has found a way to write about Superman’s early days in Metropolis in a way I haven’t quite seen before. The story Continue reading

LOTS O’ LINKS: More DC New 52, Even More Other Stuff

5 Oct
The Comics Code seal, designed by DC Comics lo...

IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. (Image via Wikipedia)

Catching up from last week…

– So a few days ago, Rich Johnston wrote that,

more and more, from creator upon creator, I’ve been hearing horror stories. No one is prepared to go on the record, those NDAs hold strong, and people would actually like to keep their jobs. For now.

Because I understand that at least one high profile creator will be making the jump to Marvel. As will quite a few slightly less-high profile creators with an opportunity to play up their new higher profiles in the wake of the relaunch. And that Marvel has also had to turn down a number of enquiries.

One common criticism being heard from a number of sources concerns the micro management of Dan DiDio, compared repeatedly to that of Bill Jemas*. Repeatedly asking for changes, then asking for changes to those changes. And then more changes to those that take them back to where they were in the first place, except now they’re up against an impossible deadline, which must be met…

I’ve been hearing some similar things, and I’m now also hearing that within Diamond the consensus is that DC DID purposely short-printed its New 52 titles to guarantee sellouts and drive up attention and excitement. The New 52 reprints are starting to come out, and as I understand it Continue reading

DC New 52: Be Vewwy Quiet, Before We All Start to Look Bad

29 Sep
Patton Oswalt @ Invite Them Up, Rififi - July ...

After Samuel L. Jackson, this is the last comics fan you want to mess with. (Image via Wikipedia)

DC Comics’ reader and retailer surveys are a fantastic outreach program – DC deserves major props for being serious about its audience. Have you taken it yet?

The timing couldn’t be better, with the many Many MANY negative reactions to some of DC’s new titles (Do I really need to link to any at this point? You’d have to be blind or in total denial to miss them…).

DC is going much further than it ever has before with its main lineup of titles. The complete renumbering of every series, the willingness to reinvent a huge number of popular characters, the courage to go day-and-date with digital comics, the outreach that’s reached millions of TV viewers with DC’s commercials, and now a partnership with Nielsen Media to do a national survey: it’s no wonder that so many people are excited enough about the New 52 to try many more DC titles this month than in the past. Has any other publisher had a line-wide sellout in a single month? (Granted, it’s easy to fudge those numbers when DC sets its print runs and has multiple retail channels that it can service and reallocate.)

But the Catwoman/Starfire (and now Voodoo) controversy has left a major black eye on the New 52. Despite having some good (and even great) new titles, the comics media has been talking non-stop about the unnecessarily ugly reinvention of some female characters. And I’ve been worried that it wouldn’t be long before the mainstream media would smell the blood in the water and pounce on this controversy during DC’s moment of triumph, leading to a non-comics-reading public looking at all Comics as trash and hurting the entire industry.

Well, unfortunately, in the last 24 hours DC has inched even closer to this scenario. Continue reading

LOTS’ O LINKS: DC New 52, WTF Comics, and More

28 Sep

Good afternoon, folks! As I’ve been preparing for going to APE this weekend, several comics-related stories have cropped up that I thought were worth sharing.

Wonder Woman has an axe. Empowerment!

DC announced that all 52 titles have sold out and are being reprinted. Hopefully, DC will print enough reprints to go around this time.

While certain DC New 52 titles have been clearly aimed for the young-male demographic, some folks have posted what their kids thought of them. THIS IS AWESOME.

Fantasy author Michele Lee shared her daughter’s thoughts on Starfire and Red Hood #1:

“Do you think the Starfire in the Teen Titans comic book is a Continue reading

TRUE BELIEVERS REVIEWS Returns with Reviews of DC New 52 Titles!

27 Sep
Cover art for Justice League: Generation Lost ...

Justice League: Generation Lost featured Aaron Lopresti's previous work on the JLI. (Image via Wikipedia)

Hey folks, Mike here – Chris Lemmerman at True Believers Reviews has taken a look at several of the DC New 52 titles, including some that I either haven’t had a chance to read, or haven’t wanted to read – so I’m glad he can share his take on them with us! As usual, click on the links for the full reviews – and give us your comments! What did you like, or love, or hate about the New 52 so far? (And check out some True Believers Reviews for Marvel’s Spider-Island here!)

Justice League #1: [Geoff] Johns captures both of the main characters essences very well in this first issue. Whilst some have complained that his Batman interpretation is too much of a jerk, he comes across well here…

…Supes doesn’t Continue reading

I Finally Read Justice League #1

14 Sep
Cover of "Spawn: Batman"

Maybe it took another company to show DC the way... (Cover of Spawn: Batman)

Short answer? I like it, but I don’t love it.

Long answer…

Remember when Image Comics launched in 1992? It was the hottest artists in comics, creating and publishing their own brand-new, all-different superheroes. The stories were Big and Energetic and (let’s be honest) kind of shallow. They were the closest thing comics had to Michael Bay movies (with better storytelling): bold, exciting, and All Surface. Youngblood #1, Savage Dragon #1, and Spawn #1 were especially awesome when they came out, like nothing else on the stands, and I can’t tell you how many people in my high school got excited about reading comics for the first time. (Of course, then Wizard brought over the speculators, and mainstream comics mostly sucked for a few years after that, but let’s focus on the positive, yes?)

Anyway, that’s Justice League #1 in a nutshell.

I get what Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are doing Continue reading

Where My Oreos At

6 Sep
Oreo cookies

Image via Wikipedia

I really do hope DC’s relaunch is a big success. Any success in comics helps the industry. But even with the initial sellouts happening, I’m still concerned.

What do we remember about DC in 1987, after Crisis on Infinite Earths? John Byrne’s Superman titles, George Perez’s work on Wonder Woman, Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, Giffen & DeMatteis’s Justice League. All top sellers with strong creative voices, great storytelling, and solid characterization.

People don’t remember the Invasion crossovers, or Millennium – and why should they? Those stories were about plot over character, and even though they sold okay at the time, who wants to read them now? Especially when people remember Guy Gardner being knocked out with one punch, or Martian Manhunter’s love of Oreo cookies. Continue reading

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