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20 Oct

by Mike Hansen

…and it is GLORIOUS.

Check out creator Kate Beaton’s website here, and buy her two book collections (Hark! A Vagrant and Never Learn Anything from History) here.

In just a handful of years, Beaton has gone from an obscure webcartoonist to one of the best and funniest cartoonists in the English language (including Canadian, which she is). Her strips mocking history and literature (and occasionally superheroes, her childhood, and other stuff) are like a Monty Python-ish blast of Awesome into the comics world. No wonder she had some of the longest lines at APE: she really is That Good.

But don’t take my word for it – here are a few of my favorite H.A.V. strips! (CLICK TO MAKE BIGGER)

HAV North Pole

HAV Messin Continue reading

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