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ALL WEEK: The Week’s Most Popular Stories

25 Sep
Logo of Marvel Comics

You'll get your turn, don't worry. (Image via Wikipedia)

Once again shamelessly stealing this idea from Bleeding Cool

Based on the stories on this site so far, you’d think I was a hardcore DC fan: Not true! I AM a hardcore comics fan, but I’d say less than half of the comics I’ve held onto are from Marvel or DC. I’m just a fan of good comics, of good storytelling in our perfect medium of Words ‘n’ Pictures, and DC has been doing a lot that’s worth talking about lately: The New 52 is bringing a much-needed sales boost into many stores, which means that comics buyers are spending more and/or that lapsed DC readers are returning to comics to see if the New 52 will hold their excitement. Probably both. We’ll see if DC’s current approach (which so far hasn’t done much for me as a reader) works in the long term…

Anyway, I’ll get to Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Boom, and all of the other fantastic (and not-so-fantastic) publishers soon – promise!

Here are the week’s most-clicked-on stories: Continue reading

I Blame Harlan Ellison

16 Sep
Harlan Ellison at Dangerous Visions Bookstore

Thank you, Harlan Ellison. (Image by Pip R. Lagenta via Flickr)

On his new blog, comics writer Tony Isabella shares a Harlan Ellison anecdote about former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter.

It reminded me of something I’d completely forgotten: During my first year at Dark Horse Comics in 1997, I was the Editorial Assistant and was assisting Senior Editor Diana Schutz (who manages most of the creator-owned titles, and remains one of the best damn editors in comics). She was Ellison’s editor on Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor, a brilliant, short-lived series featuring comics adaptations of many of his finest stories along with some brand-new material. The series had several comics adaptations of his stories in progress even after it was no longer being published (and which eventually got collected by Dark Horse a decade later).

One of the first really creative and enjoyable things that Diana assigned to me was for me to attempt to write a comics adaptation of Ellison’s 1957 story Continue reading

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