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ADC Comic of the Day(s): HEART OF A CORPSE

23 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here – this is one of my favorite things about comics: finding a cool gem that I’ve never heard of before. Orion’s review here has convinced me to check this out – you’re going to want to, too! But there’s one thing I’m wondering: is creator Justin Sane the same guy from the band Anti-Flag, or is there more than one walking the earth?! – UPDATE: See comment from Mr. Sane below for the answer!)

Heart of a Corpse #1, #2

Writer, Artist: Justin Sane

Slave Labor Graphics 2011, complete story in two acts

#1 – 58 pages, #2 – 83 pages

Heart of a Corpse cover

Looking for something new, something wonderful in the sequential art format? Do you also desire creativity, an extended display of shapes and colors that tell the story more than words could? How about a romantic story with a spooktacular vibe?   Then do check out Heart of a Corpse.

What is this wonder? Heart of a Corpse is a simple story in a Victorian style setting about a hearse driver named “The Gentleman,” and his courting of the mortician’s daughter, Annabel. This leading to a proposal in marriage. But trouble happens, as another man, “the Brute,” wants Annabel to himself, and proceeds in nefarious acts against our romantic protagonist. Supernatural and abstract elements develop, adding to the entertaining twists that guide us to a thoughtful, beautiful ending.

Heart of a Corpse art 1

The execution of the story is beautiful, classic. Like a silent movie, we as readers must rely on basic visuals, with a few necessary placards for the entire story. The Continue reading

Going Digital: Five Crazy Ideas in Re-revolutionizing Digital Comics!

16 Mar

by Orion Tippens, ADC

Weapon X (story arc)

It's like I'm INSIDE THE COMICS! (Image of the future via Wikipedia)

Digital Comics, where are you going?

Recently, the leading digital comics multi-platform app, Comixology, achieved over 50 million downloads in single-issue comics and graphic novels. That is the good news for the comics industry, at least in knowing that many people are now exposed to the sequential-art storytelling format.

Of course, not all comics fanpeople will accept the new medium. Digital comics are all bits and bytes, with no real chance for resale of purchase and the fear that all purchases could disappear of the service permanently dies out. Those who favor the digital format will relish in the higher definition color, availability selection, and “light” reading. There have been breakthroughs to further the revolution of digital-comics reading, including the single-panel “Guided View” option, cross-platform account access with cheap digital exclusives, and free samples. Is that enough?

No, but the publishing industry is improving. As digital piracy will continue, innovation is needed to usher in this potential new digital golden era.

Marvel Comics, meanwhile, has announced its new “Marvel Infinite” imprint. Within are a few curious ideas to enhance traditional narratives including the “control the caption boxes and how they’re delivered to the reader.” Marvel also announced its new Augmented Reality system for mobile devices, where the scanning of strategically placed QR codes adds to its comics content.

However, a well-sequenced art narrative is all one needs to enjoy a comics story to its fullest. That being said, the industry should focus on innovative ways to get the readers better involved with published content. This can be done by enhancing not just the experience of reading the comic, but also getting involved with other aspects including the setting, the technology, and the invitation to new, innovative ideas.

Here, below, are my crazy ideas to ponder in the new and revolutionizing expanse of the comics-publishing biz. Interested companies, feel free to take note and steal (through credit would be nice). Ponder the possibilities. If such ideas are in the works, please point them out in the comments below. Or even better, add a few of your own.

Annotative tagging – Red Lanterns, Secret Invasions, Renegade Clonetroopers, obscure Grant Morrison characters got your head in a spin? Backtracking on such elaborate mythologies may procure in difficulty for those with empty wallets, or lacking in free time. A simple solution, especially for the new readers, would be genius. How about, for those fancy touch screens, a simple tagging system with access to some sort of large information collective on repeat characters, past events, and relevant back issues? Perhaps holding down on some returning character can pop up some information on background, abilities, favorite pie, whatever.  Does this take away or distract from the story? As long as it is optional, then no. Also, think of the other possibilities Continue reading

Dear Marvel: Stop Supporting SOPA

4 Jan
Dear Marvel logo

No es bueno.

Today, Thwipster linked to an online petition to ask Marvel to end its support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, a really really bad piece of legislation that if passed would cripple the internet and take away our rights.


Some of the worst legislation ever seen is currently before Congress. Three pieces of legislation, H.R. 3261 in the House of Representatives and S.968 and S.978 in the Senate, would cripple the internet by stripping your due process rights and making everyday users wary that the next thing you post might get you sued or thrown in jail.

And unfortunately, Marvel Entertainment is supporting it.

Thwipster made it clear where it stands on SOPA and piracy a few days ago, with this great blog post:

We at Thwipster wholeheartedly oppose SOPA as it currently stands and as we understand it. We believe in due process and not a Patriot Act for media companies to take down parts of the internet. You can find out more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act

If you know anyone downloading illegal things off the internet, take a moment and tell them to stop being a dick. We don’t need the government and media companies to tell us not to steal…

Media Companies
You’ve got it hard, right? You make all this stuff that people are so ravenous over that they steal it, remix it and share it with everyone they (don’t)know. But hey, you gotta get paid! Guess what? Don’t be a dick. Cut out the DRM, cut out practices like making things unavailable for 30 days on Netflix or iTunes, and cut out going after people celebrating your products…

(more in link)


(Image by ToobyDoo via Flickr)

It doesn’t surprise me that Marvel supports anything that prevents digital piracy, but this legislation spells trouble for anyone who uses the internet in any way.

(And, really, does digital piracy really do that much damage? It’s not cool, but there’s a strong correlation between the most illegally downloaded work and the bestselling material. I’d argue that a huge number of those downloaders would never have been paying customers in the first place.)

Thanks to a wave a bad publicity, a lot of companies are pulling their support of SOPA, including GoDaddy, Nintendo, and EA (see the links below).

If you have a problem with Marvel’s stance, check out the petition at DearMarvel.com, and share how this will effect your support of Marvel’s product.

Personally, I love a lot of Marvel’s comics, and a lot of its creators’ work, but I have trouble with the idea of my money going to support taking away our freedoms. The best solution I can think of is to buy the Marvel books I want secondhand, so I can read the stuff I want without putting my money towards a bad cause.

I’m interested to see Marvel’s reaction (or lack thereof) – Marvel tends to be like Teflon with a lot of its controversial policies, but tends to make changes when it gets hit in the pocketbook.

What do you think?

GOING DIGITAL: Killing Me Softly with Free Comics

21 Oct

by Orion Tippens

Image representing Comixology as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Don’t make me laugh, two Free Comic Book Days in 2012?

I’m not trying to kill the fun here. I love free comics, or free anything really. I just think every day should be Free Comic Book Day.

Many of us already get our “free comic days” when hitting those big comic conventions gathering samples, direct from various companies. I loved even more back in the ’90s when issues of Wizard magazine contained those bonus comics and samples. More so than now, many comic stores I frequented had many free samples of comics for the taking. Those were the days and places when free comics were just,.. there.

But now, free seems more like Continue reading

ORION returns with this week’s GOING DIGITAL: Casualties of Price Wars!

14 Oct
Image representing Barnes & Noble as depicted ...

Not cool. (Image via CrunchBase)

Going Digital: Casualties of Price Wars and Other Ridiculousness

by Orion Tippens


The shot heard around the world?

In recent news, Books-a-Million – another book store chain, joined Barnes and Noble on its recent ban on DC Comics’ select 100 graphic novels made exclusive for 4 months for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. Both chains combined total over 900 bookstores where Sandman, Watchmen, and Fables (among others) will remain invisible to consumers.

This revolting development is not really a revolution. In the end, it’s the consumers that suffer, especially those on the digital fronts. On print, such absence will help comic book stores and small business retailers not interested in such power games involving digital devices. On the digital front, this sends a terrible message to those who spent much money on their digital devices.

That by disagreement, a powerful company has proved they can easily ban books by the push of mere button. All this, over petty squabbles that involves their personal interest: mass profits. If you depend on your e-reader or tablet for comics, you can’t simply “visit another store.”  That is, unless you are rich and will just buy another expensive alternative (and possibly starting your digital comics collection over).

Or can you go back to print? The answer to that is best explored another day.

That being said, just bear this in mind when buying an e-reader or tablet. Consider the corporate entity that controls the gates on your applications, publishers, and access to your device. When out to make a profit, do they have your interests at heart? Or do we become the collateral damage?

Which brings me another subject that bothers me…

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 1 variant cover

The existence of the $3.99 digital comic as a read that contains carries the average number of pages (around 24) vs. the normal $2.99. I see this with some of DC’s new 52, Marvel’s recent crossover, and other offers.

There was Continue reading

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