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Cosplay Fun at Emerald City Comic Con 2014

24 Apr

Photo Mar 28, 4 40 53 PMIt’s been a few weeks.

I have fond memories of Seattle’s great Emerald City Comic Con. Many of them are best summed up by the following pics of con attendees, representing as best one could; by those dressed up in colorful costumes, often as characters familiar to the surrounding fandom.

Let us say hello to a few of our friends…


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Batman: The Killing Joke ad

6 Dec

by Mike Hansen

With all the recent noise about a newly discovered page from The Killing Joke that was redrawn to be less graphic (and no, in no way does this imply that the Joker is a rapist, you sick bastards: she was shot in the belly), I thought I’d post this cool ad I came across recently from 1988:

Batman: The Killing Joke ad

I dig the logo – it wasn’t used in the actual comic. I wonder who designed it.

(Count me as one of the readers who prefers the original fantastical colors to the 2008 edition’s recoloring. The original colors added another dimension to the storytelling, while to me the newer colors give the book a more flat, illustrative quality. I like them both, but I’d rather read a comic than just look at the pretty pictures.)

Tonight in Portland: Batman ’66 signing!

2 Aug

by Mike Hansen

At Bridge City Comics, owned and operated by my homie Michael Ring. Check it:

Batman '66 signing poster


…Also, note the CORRECT use of the apostrophe in ’66 in the headline: none of this upside-down, lazy smart-quotes crap on this website. ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU.

R.I.P. x 3

15 Dec

by Mike Hansen

Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941). Cover ...

Captain America Comics #1 (Image via Wikipedia)

I was saddened to learn of the passings of three comics greats in the last several days: Jerry Robinson, Joe Simon, and Eduardo Barreto. All contributed in significant ways to the comics I’ve enjoyed.

The comics and outside press has been doing a fine job honoring these men. DC Comics, on the other hand, was very careful in its praise of Robinson, never actually calling him the CREATOR of any of its characters or work – despite the fact that, as far as the rest of the planet is concerned, Robinson is unquestionably the creator of the Joker, one of comics’ greatest icons. Sigh…

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