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Jeff Alan Polier bring us a Very Special episode of MY FIRST ISSUE… of Underdog!

12 Oct

Hey folks, Mike here – sorry I’ve been AWOL lately; Real Life is kicking my ass all over the place lately… Fortunately, I’ve got homies like JEFF who can give you something cool to read… Where else are you gonna read about somebody’s first brush with UNDERDOG? Ch-Check it out – and feel free to respond in the comments! What was YOUR first kids’ comic?


Underdog 22 cover (Whitman)

My First Issue of Underdog

Underdog #22

December, 1978

by Jeff Alan Polier

            Like my first Batman & Superman stories, my first Underdog comic came from Grandma Onda’s collection of comics for her grandkids. The Whitman comic was based on the Underdog cartoon series that, upon reflection, I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Underdog’s secret identity is Shoeshine Boy, which seems to be both his name and occupation. The world he lives in is mostly populated by humans but talking, sentient dogs seem to be common enough that nobody is shocked by the presence of Underdog or his sweetheart, Sweet Polly.
            There are no credits given for any of the stories or art in this issue. Even the Grand Comics Database doesn’t have any information on the people who worked to make this an enjoyable comicbook. The cover (uncredited, too, of course) has Underdog hovering over a volcano. Is he there to stop the eruption and save a village? Nah. He holds a frying pan over the open flame and is cooking a pair of eggs. He must be awfully hungry as he holds a fork at the ready and is licking his chops. (Being a dog, I guess there are worse things he could be licking!)
            The first story is Continue reading
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