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Jim Mahfood TV interview

29 Jul

by Mike Hansen

Jim Mahfood, American comic book creator.

Jim Mahfood, American comic book creator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last month, G4’s Attack of the Show interviewed the awesome Jim Mahfood (Stupid Comics, Clerks, Tank Girl, Grrl Scouts, Marijuanaman, Generation X, etc.) – I haven’t seen anyone else link to it, so I am. WordPress won’t let me embed it (because it uses old embedding codes, or something), so check it out here.

Mahfood had a limited Tank Girl sketchbook minicomic at Tr!ckster this year, but it was a bit too pricey for me at the time. Maybe next year…

Interview with AXE COP artist Ethan Nicolle!

7 Mar

UPDATE: Welcome, all of you Axe Cop fans! Since so many of you are new to this site, I just want to say Welcome, and if you like the site feel free to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @AllDayComics – thanks for stopping by!

(Mike here – this interview was conducted WAY back on October 29 at the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention. Due to various difficulties, it’s just getting posted now. We thought it was still worth posting because – it’s AXE COP, so it’s awesome! – and Volume 3 is coming out soon (click the preorder link below the interview). Hope you like…)

Axe Cop artist Ethan Nicolle at his booth (photo by Orion Tippens)

Axe Cop artist Ethan Nicolle at his booth (photo by Orion Tippens)

Interview by Orion Tippens

I love Axe Cop, so much, that I have considered naming my firstborn, Axe Cop. That is how much I love Axe Cop.

And if you have not, perhaps you should visit axecop.com and understand the joys of this brilliant webcomic. Or even better, check out the first trade paperback Axe Cop: Volume 1 collection published via Dark Horse Comics, all the early strips with Ethan’s fun commentary added on the side.

Axe Cop, in short, is the brilliant product of a five-year-old’s (now seven) imaginative mind (Malachai Nicolle), brought to life by the sequential art of his 29-year-old brother (Ethan Nicolle). We meet a superhero with powerful sock arms, a flying dinosaur with gatling arms, an optic blastic dog, ninjas on the moon, a man-baby, a uni-baby, and so much more.  We as readers who enjoy such work, and laugh, love this fresh and ever-changing world centered around our awesome protagonist. He, who is Axe Cop, the mustached, axe-wielding lawman of justice with secret attacks, and well defined (and often lethal) style of fighting evil.

So imagine my delight, when I had the chance to personally meet the artist of Axe Cop, Ethan Nicolle, at the Long Beach Comic Con in Los Angeles. Ethan was alone, promoting Axe Cop and his newest self-published work, Bearmageddon. Malachai was elsewhere, tending to a book signing. Here, from the show’s artist alley section, is a transcript of a wonderful yet brief interview:

ALL DAY COMICS: Hello, Ethan Nicolle.


(During this point, there was a nearby live Star Wars live roleplaying event going on, so please if you will..imagine the Star Wars: Episode I Duel of the Fates music track playing in the background)

ADC: With Malachai’s schooling and state of adolescence, the creative process must be unconventional, perhaps challenging in the production of Axe Cop. In working with Malachai, where and how often do you meet in planning new material?

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Photos from the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con!

2 Nov

Lots more LBCC interviews and photos to come!

All photos by Orion Tippens.

LBCC Punisher Girl

I've been very bad, and need to be punished.

LBCC Batman Catwoman

We're going back to her place. To, uh, hang out. And... stuff.

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Loving the Long Beach Comic (& Horror) Con

2 Nov

by Orion Tippens

LBCC entrance

photo by Orion Tippens

Looking back, I wave to my humble friend. That friend who never let me down, retained its innocence while being focused on its ideals for the last three years; who, while not succumbing to the overbearing pressure of Big Hollywood marketing, resisting the video game company monsters, and not putting the attending pseudo-movie/TV celebrities ahead of its family of creative minds and indie publishers. Such fun lasted well in this struggled city of Los Angeles, and hopefully will for many more years. Here’s looking back at you, the Long Beach Comic Convention.

Actually, the show is now the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention. A fitting, yet unnecessary change to fit for the Halloween weekend. For the added fun, attendees could participate in an epic nearby zombie walk, numerous scary movie screenings, live spooky drama readings, and special horror film guests including legendary film director, John Carpenter.  And for the more sci-fi or action inclined, the LBCC had Seth Green of Robot Chicken, the Guild cast (with Felicia Day!), live wrestling matches, Star Wars laser tag (!), and more film screenings. All good fun, and best of all enjoyed by its cheering fandom. But for reals, these happenings are mere accessories to what’s most important to the comic book convention…

The comics. Continue reading

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