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I Watched GREEN LANTERN (Extended Cut)

1 Nov

by Mike Hansen

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.

(Image via Wikipedia)

…and I am profoundly disappointed.


Green Lantern isn’t a bad movie, per se, but it is chock-full of missed opportunities. And, unfortunately, Warner Brothers has continued that theme with a Blu-Ray release that’s equally half-assed.

The movie itself has some great effects work, strong and believable acting from Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong, and a decent origin story. But it feels like a rough draft – that all of the interesting little details that give a film character were either not developed or sanded away. Like: it sure would have been nice to see a close-up of Hal Jordan’s face as he flies for the first time on Oa, seeing the thrill and joy of experiencing the thing that gives his life meaning as if for the first time. But no, the plot just has to move him from A to B, so that’s all we get…

I’d also love to know why Carol didn’t follow Hal out of the bar after he runs out to get his ass kicked, or why nobody addresses why Hal’s car was left in the parking lot when he flew to Oa (or what happened to it – did it get towed? Did Carol drive it home??). Why doesn’t Hal Continue reading

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