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I read MYSTIC #1-4

17 Nov

This is how you build a female audience, comics publishers.

by Mike Hansen

Mystic 1 cover

Mystic #1 cover art by Amanda Conner

I never really bothered to check out CrossGen Comics during its brief run as a mainstream comics player a decade ago. Like Valiant Comics before it, there just wasn’t room in the comics market for another publisher doing mainstream, superhero-style comics minus the superheroes, even with some serious talent on board – in CrossGen’s case, that included Mark Waid, George Perez, Jim Cheung, Steve Epting, Aaron Lopresti, Brandon Petersen, and more.

After its implosion, CrossGen’s properties were purchased by Disney, mainly to get ahold of J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Ploog’s Abadazad, which was given new life as a series of illustrated young-readers books (which I also have yet to read).

And now, the Disney-owned Marvel has revived and rebooted some of the CrossGen titles, and it’s been a great launch so far. I recently got the Ruse and Sigil collections at a heavy discount from DCBS, and I’m looking forward to giving them a proper read soon. But the third relaunch title, Mystic, was too good-looking to wait on: I picked up all four issues, and they are terrific.

Mystic 1 page 11

Mystic #1 page 11 by Lopez/Lopez/Fairbairn

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