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Neil Gaiman’s first interview?

26 Jul

by Mike Hansen

English writer Neil Gaiman. Taken at the 2007 ...

English writer Neil Gaiman. Taken at the 2007 Scream Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Village Voice found a 1968 BBC interview with 7-year-old Neil Gaiman about Scientology. Thought this was interesting enough to share.

They do point out that

Gaiman these days prefers not to talk about his Scientology past. His father, David, died in 2009. In 2010 Neil told the New Yorker that he’s no longer a church member.

So just think of this as a tiny glimpse of a moment from a very talented author’s childhood. Like this interview with 5-year-old Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day…

(thanks to Orion for the heads-up!)

Shannon Wheeler Art Show Opens in Portland Tonight!

6 Oct

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Hey Portlanders,

When you’re done with today’s Occupy Portland protest, why not celebrate fighting the power by attending the opening of Shannon Wheeler (of Too Much Coffee Man fame)’s new art show?

Via Fantagraphics:

Shannon Wheeler art show

I had a great conversation with Shannon and Continue reading

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