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Steve Rude Update

2 Nov
Steve Rude

Steve "The Dude" Rude (Image via Wikipedia)

From his Facebook page, posted yesterday:

Steve was arrested last night. Neighbors with the barking dogs have been harassing him and finally succeeded in getting him hauled off. Trying to raise bail/legal fees and will be listing items online with buy it now prices.

donations can be sent via PayPal to steve@steverude.com or snail mail to 20783 N 83rd Ave Ste 103 PMB 191, Peoria AZ 85382 – we’d much rather people buy something though!

Thank you to everyone. We were able to make bail, but Steve won’t be released until morning. Now we have to pay for the legal counsel so he doesn’t end up back doing hard time for trying to keep his sanity. All he wants is to be left alone to create his art, not harassed by people who call the police on our kids because a frisbee ended up in their yard.

And posted less than an hour ago:

Status update: Steve is home an resting and sends his gratitude. We will be preselling the 2012 sketchbook on Kickstarter soon. In the meantime we appreciate funds coming in that can go towards our legal retainer.

Please click through to check out links to buy prints and original artwork at lowered prices, and check out his website for more.

Legal counsel is NOT cheap, and every little bit helps!

Legendary Artist Steve Rude Arrested

1 Nov
Cover of "Nexus Archives Volume 1 (v. 1)&...

Cover of Nexus Archives Volume 1 (v. 1)

by Mike Hansen

One of comics’ finest artists of my lifetime, Steve Rude (Nexus, World’s Finest, etc., etc.) was arrested last night and needs to raise money.

From Mark Evanier’s website:

My good friend and occasional collaborator Steve Rude was arrested last night in connection with an ongoing dispute he’d been having with some neighbors. I do not know any more about the incident than that but I do know that Steve is one of the finest artistic talents in and around the comic book community these days. I also know that in my dealings with him over many years, he has always been a man of great honesty and heart. And I further know that he has had money problems since a decision he made a few years ago. Put simply, Steve decided to not take the job offer that paid best and to instead work on projects he cared about and just kinda hope that they yielded sufficient cash to live on.

So far, they haven’t so this morning, his website announced a sale to raise money for bail and legal fees. I would hope he’s made bail by now but even if he has, there will be legal fees to pay. This means you have one of those great opportunities to simultaneously help out a deserving guy and get yourself a great bargain. Go to his website and buy something. In fact, while you’re there, buy several somethings.

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