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ECCC: the Cosplay photos (part 2 of 2)!

27 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here: Here’s the rest of Orion’s best ECCC 2013 photos! I think you’ll agree they were worth the wait. As always, click to make ’em bigger. I believe Orion is available for professional photo gigs around Seattle as well as children’s parties.  😉  )

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 59 PM

Rogue and Gambit

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 57 PM

When the Emerald City Comic Con exhibit floor is open, you have my permission to buy.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 50 PM


Photo Mar 02, 12 28 48 PM

Avengers crossplayers Assemble!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 46 PM

Ninja Turtlettes

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 29 PM

Crashing this castle, with no survivors!! (Castle Crashers)

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 23 PM

I have altered my gender, pray I don’t alter it any further…

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 21 PM

Alan Scott, Golden Age Green Lantern! Always cool to see younger fans play lesser known characters

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 20 PM

Darth Maul. He was on stilts when I took this picture.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 18 PM

Said she was from a webcomic..I should have written it down.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 14 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 58 PM

Always brings a smile to see parents and their kids dress up on a show they probably enjoy together, especially when it’s Doctor Who.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 34 PM

Deadpool will Catch Them All!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 05 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 59 PM

Classic Sonic!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 39 PM

Master Chief, I think.

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 37 PM

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Photo Mar 02, 10 27 24 PM

Ash and Misty from Pokemon

Photo Mar 02, 7 24 39 PM

The Doctor and some uninvited photo bombers from the Mushroom Kingdom

Photo Mar 02, 7 18 15 PM

Morrigan from Dragon Age, ready for a very long conversation

Photo Mar 02, 3 31 45 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 31 25 PM

No idea who they were supposed to be. I just got into the frenzy of other people snapping pics that probably didn’t know who they were either, and thought I’d join in! [I think the one on the left is Codex from The Guild? – Mike]

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 51 PM

She-Ra, Princess of Power strikes a pose

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 11 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 16 59 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 00 47 PM

GLaDOS from Portal 2

Photo Mar 02, 2 58 38 PM

Miss Liberty and The Tick!

Photo Mar 02, 2 47 13 PM

Jean Grey and Scott Summers put the X in dysfunctional super-powered married couple relationships.

Photo Mar 02, 2 42 23 PM

Black Cat and Rogue

eccc2013 202

Radia, from the Tron:Evolution Xbox 360 video game. She told me quite a bit about the game…seems very underrated, at least the story.

eccc2013 188


eccc2013 038


ADC Comic of the Day(s): HEART OF A CORPSE

23 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here – this is one of my favorite things about comics: finding a cool gem that I’ve never heard of before. Orion’s review here has convinced me to check this out – you’re going to want to, too! But there’s one thing I’m wondering: is creator Justin Sane the same guy from the band Anti-Flag, or is there more than one walking the earth?! – UPDATE: See comment from Mr. Sane below for the answer!)

Heart of a Corpse #1, #2

Writer, Artist: Justin Sane

Slave Labor Graphics 2011, complete story in two acts

#1 – 58 pages, #2 – 83 pages

Heart of a Corpse cover

Looking for something new, something wonderful in the sequential art format? Do you also desire creativity, an extended display of shapes and colors that tell the story more than words could? How about a romantic story with a spooktacular vibe?   Then do check out Heart of a Corpse.

What is this wonder? Heart of a Corpse is a simple story in a Victorian style setting about a hearse driver named “The Gentleman,” and his courting of the mortician’s daughter, Annabel. This leading to a proposal in marriage. But trouble happens, as another man, “the Brute,” wants Annabel to himself, and proceeds in nefarious acts against our romantic protagonist. Supernatural and abstract elements develop, adding to the entertaining twists that guide us to a thoughtful, beautiful ending.

Heart of a Corpse art 1

The execution of the story is beautiful, classic. Like a silent movie, we as readers must rely on basic visuals, with a few necessary placards for the entire story. The Continue reading

ORION’S ADC Comic of the Day: DOCTOR WHO Vol. 2 #9

15 Nov

Hey guys, Mike here – I’m aware that a lot of you noticed that the site’s other fine contributors haven’t been seen much this month – that’s my fault for not keeping up with my in-box! There’s a lot of good stuff from my pals that you’ll be seeing, starting NOW, with hardcore Doctor Who fan Orion and a story of a guy, his Sonic Screwdriver, and his ROBOT DINOSAUR:

Doctor Who Vol. 2 #9

Writer: Tony Lee, Artist: Josh Adams

IDW, Sept. 2011, 21 pages

review by Orion Tippens

Doctor Who Vol. 2 #9 cover AMissing new Doctor Who on the television, but not the head-rattling, timey-wimey nonsense of ridiculously elaborate plans to kill our beloved Doctor? Did you enjoy the fun, creative goodness of the better standalone episodes (“Vincent and the Doctor”, “The Girl Who Waited”), better appreciated not only by us fans, but those less familiar who enjoy a good, often campy science-fiction story?

Well, here you go, we have this issue of the current comics run based on the series. Here is all the fun of the show, as we join the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and a dinosaur named Continue reading

Photos from the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con!

2 Nov

Lots more LBCC interviews and photos to come!

All photos by Orion Tippens.

LBCC Punisher Girl

I've been very bad, and need to be punished.

LBCC Batman Catwoman

We're going back to her place. To, uh, hang out. And... stuff.

Continue reading

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