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I Watched Kevin Smith’s Red State

18 Sep
Red State theatrical poster

Yes, THAT Kevin Smith.

Apparently, a double-feature out with the wife yesterday wasn’t enough movie-time for us. I learned that a double feature like Straw Dogs (2011) and The Debt isn’t the best way to walk away feeling entertained. Don’t get me wrong: both films are very good, well constructed and paced, with characters and stories that I could buy into. BUT. Both are dark movies, with dark subject matter that feels almost too revealing, too honest about the horror that people confront in the world and in themselves. Both films depict violations that are borderline traumatizing: I recommend you see them with someone you trust (you don’t want to see them alone), but no matter what, do NOT expect to get laid after watching them. (Trust me: after you see them, you’ll know why…) They are pretty great movies that are terrible date movies.

So we leave the theater, do some shopping, and think: we need some entertainment! We decide to sit on the couch and watch another movie: oh, look, we can watch Red State! Continue reading

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