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Cosplay Fun at Emerald City Comic Con 2014

24 Apr

Photo Mar 28, 4 40 53 PMIt’s been a few weeks.

I have fond memories of Seattle’s great Emerald City Comic Con. Many of them are best summed up by the following pics of con attendees, representing as best one could; by those dressed up in colorful costumes, often as characters familiar to the surrounding fandom.

Let us say hello to a few of our friends…


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ECCC: the Cosplay photos (part 2 of 2)!

27 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here: Here’s the rest of Orion’s best ECCC 2013 photos! I think you’ll agree they were worth the wait. As always, click to make ’em bigger. I believe Orion is available for professional photo gigs around Seattle as well as children’s parties.  😉  )

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 59 PM

Rogue and Gambit

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 57 PM

When the Emerald City Comic Con exhibit floor is open, you have my permission to buy.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 50 PM


Photo Mar 02, 12 28 48 PM

Avengers crossplayers Assemble!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 46 PM

Ninja Turtlettes

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 29 PM

Crashing this castle, with no survivors!! (Castle Crashers)

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 23 PM

I have altered my gender, pray I don’t alter it any further…

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 21 PM

Alan Scott, Golden Age Green Lantern! Always cool to see younger fans play lesser known characters

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 20 PM

Darth Maul. He was on stilts when I took this picture.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 18 PM

Said she was from a webcomic..I should have written it down.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 14 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 58 PM

Always brings a smile to see parents and their kids dress up on a show they probably enjoy together, especially when it’s Doctor Who.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 34 PM

Deadpool will Catch Them All!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 05 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 59 PM

Classic Sonic!!

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 39 PM

Master Chief, I think.

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 37 PM

Hawkeye and Black Widow

Photo Mar 02, 10 27 24 PM

Ash and Misty from Pokemon

Photo Mar 02, 7 24 39 PM

The Doctor and some uninvited photo bombers from the Mushroom Kingdom

Photo Mar 02, 7 18 15 PM

Morrigan from Dragon Age, ready for a very long conversation

Photo Mar 02, 3 31 45 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 31 25 PM

No idea who they were supposed to be. I just got into the frenzy of other people snapping pics that probably didn’t know who they were either, and thought I’d join in! [I think the one on the left is Codex from The Guild? – Mike]

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 51 PM

She-Ra, Princess of Power strikes a pose

Photo Mar 02, 3 17 11 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 16 59 PM

Photo Mar 02, 3 00 47 PM

GLaDOS from Portal 2

Photo Mar 02, 2 58 38 PM

Miss Liberty and The Tick!

Photo Mar 02, 2 47 13 PM

Jean Grey and Scott Summers put the X in dysfunctional super-powered married couple relationships.

Photo Mar 02, 2 42 23 PM

Black Cat and Rogue

eccc2013 202

Radia, from the Tron:Evolution Xbox 360 video game. She told me quite a bit about the game…seems very underrated, at least the story.

eccc2013 188


eccc2013 038


Orion’s Exclusive ECCC Pics (part 1 of 2)!

26 Mar

by Orion Tippens

(Mike here: Orion KILLED it with these sweet pics from the 2013 Emerald City Comic Con. I’m just going to post these in random order: together, these photos really capture the essence of walking a convention floor. Click on each photo to make it superbig. How many of the brilliant creators in these photos can you name? And yeah, I probably should’ve tried to post these a couple weeks ago: I’m polishing up the final draft of a script that’s being drawn for Comic-Con. More in a bit…)

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 42 PM

The 1st Spider-Man Fantastic Four appearances – never to be touched again by human hands.

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 40 PM

Poison Ivy vs. Batgirl

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 32 PM

hint: webcomics genius.

Photo Mar 02, 3 16 45 PM

Fauhawk Superman vs. old school Lex Luthor!

Photo Mar 03, 8 14 33 AM

Writer of great DC comics of the past, now a voice for creator-owned books and digital publishing.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 44 PM


Photo Mar 02, 12 28 43 PM

Wil Wheaton surrounds himself with love.

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 24 PM

If you don’t own all of his comics work, you really should. REALLY

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 11 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 11 PM (1)

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 10 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 28 00 PM

Did anyone actually PAY $1000 for a year-old Walking Dead comic?!

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 51 PM

Extermination has never been so colorful, and huggable.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 49 PM

Looked at this and I thought, what would be the worst thing you could bring home to show the wife and kids after a day at a comic con?

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 44 PM

artist on one of the better-selling New 52 DC series.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 42 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 41 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 39 PM

hint: you may have a tattoo of his artwork.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 35 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 31 PM

Just letting you all know, Invincible is the greatest superhero epic story ever!

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 21 PM

hint: Okay, this one’s a freebie.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 20 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 13 PM

Only at a comic or related convention is this considered normal.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 12 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 05 PM (1)

Emerald City con life.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 02 PM

hint: Really nice Image artist…

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 02 PM (1)

…doing what he does best.

Photo Mar 02, 12 27 00 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 54 PM

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 54 PM (1)

hint: one of Image’s best-selling artists.

Photo Mar 02, 12 26 43 PM

It’s not a comic con without some huge tower of geek apparel for sale.

I’ll post the creators list after this break:

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Video: Phoenix Jones in action with the Seattle PD

12 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Real-life super-heroics need to involve heroism in addition to dressing up. I’d say that this might qualify.


(This happened Saturday morning, right down the street from site contributor Orion! He attracts trouble wherever he goes… who knows what shenanigans he’ll create at Comic-Con next month?)

More details in this link

Rex Velvet/Phoenix Jones war of words gets weirder

5 Jun

by Mike Hansen



Well, well… it looks like self-described super-villain Rex Velvet might be more than he seems… or perhaps less? Last month, Phoenix Jones had this to say:

I looked him up. He’s actually just a wedding photographer who made a funny video. If he was a true supervillain I would be more interested because at least I would have something to do. Right now it’s like war of social media and I have better things to do with my time.

Shortly after posting Velvet’s three riotous videos yesterday, two strange messages were sent my way.

The first, from “Council of Ninja”:

Greetings. We are The Global Council of Ninja Pacific Northwest Council of Ninja branch, Media Representative of The Legion.

Rex Velvet, also known as the civilian Ryan Corly who is a Wedding Photograher is nothing more then a penny-ante wise cracking little boy with Peter pan envy. In short he is nothing more then a worm riding on the coat-tails of Phoenix Jones.

This is and here after a warning to all those who follow Ryan Corly. Your IP’s are being watched, just as we are watching Mr. Corly. Once we have enough evidence on those associated with him, prepare yourselves for the fact that you will be all facing jurisprudence from local law enforcement.

We. The Legion.

WHAAAT? First we have real-life superheroes in Seattle making arguably questionable decisions about protecting their city, then a villain who either has an army of cameras or a great phony story, now the NW has NINJAS? (Or do they prefer “ninja”? That always confuses me.)

It looks like these ninja/ninjas of “The Legion” (whatever that might be) seem to be on the side of the Rain City Superheroes, but what’s their story? And will there be any video evidence as entertaining as Jones or Velvet’s YouTube appearances?

But that’s not all – a response to the Council of Ninja appeared last night from “Slightlynorth“:

Dear Council of Ninja, (wait, are you a council or a legion? I’m confused.)

Greetings to you as well. Also: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. What kind of “jurisprudence from local law enforcement” will you make me face, exactly? Idle threats from an idle inelegance, eh?

Here, I’ll save you some time. My IP is currently: Oh wait, that is an internal private IP address. Guess no jurisprudence for me. Sad day.


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Move over, Phoenix Jones: Seattle now has a Real-Life Super-Villain: Rex Velvet

4 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Rex Velvet symbolWhile Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superhero Crime Fighting Movement have been in the news, courts, and comic-cons, it looks like one man has had enough: Rex Velvet, a.k.a. “The People’s Villain,” representing something called the Social Villains Alliance.

Some might find these videos disturbing… I find them hilarious:

So, is Rex Velvet who he says he is? On the one hand, the videos seem to be produced by something called Rocket Launch Productions. On the other… Velvet does drive a DeLorean.

And he did appear on Reddit the other day to answer questions from the public… Continue reading

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