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Move over, Phoenix Jones: Seattle now has a Real-Life Super-Villain: Rex Velvet

4 Jun

by Mike Hansen

Rex Velvet symbolWhile Phoenix Jones and his Rain City Superhero Crime Fighting Movement have been in the news, courts, and comic-cons, it looks like one man has had enough: Rex Velvet, a.k.a. “The People’s Villain,” representing something called the Social Villains Alliance.

Some might find these videos disturbing… I find them hilarious:

So, is Rex Velvet who he says he is? On the one hand, the videos seem to be produced by something called Rocket Launch Productions. On the other… Velvet does drive a DeLorean.

And he did appear on Reddit the other day to answer questions from the public… Continue reading


18 Nov

by Orion Tippens

New Teen Titans Games coverThe New Teen Titans: Games

Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: George Perez

DC Comics, Sept. 2011, 145 pages

Standalone graphic novel

Thank you DC Comics, Marv Wolman and George Perez for bringing back that old-school awesome. This, being the series that needed no smanchy gimmicks, outrageous pin-up storytelling, annoying variant covers. Just solid characters and stories backed up with fitting art. That was the New Teen Titans, originally put forth 30 years ago by the comics dream team duo of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez. And now they bring it all back, for one final blast in a story that took over 20 years to finish.

New Teen Titans Games art 1Yep, according to the Marv’s intro tale in Games, this story was simply an overdue project that was shelved and unfinished for some time. Which is amusing, considering the time the story was conceived during a time of transition for our classic team, in 1988. Now, the results have come out of suspended animation, with life breathed back, by the original creators who started it all back in 1980.

So, the gang is all here. Doesn’t matter Continue reading

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

16 Nov

by Mike Hansen

Thor JITM 112 crotch attack

from Journey into Mystery #112 (Jan. 1965)


May 4, 2012

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