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DC sales: Drinking Game Edition

15 Oct
new 52

new 52 (Photo credit: 1upLego)

by Mike Hansen

The Beat’s monthly sales charts are especially entertaining this month, as the continuing sales declines of the New 52 are turned into a drinking game.

Marc-Oliver Frisch does his usual fine job spelling out which titles deserve praise (Scalped, American Vampire, Aquaman) and scorn (Before Watchmen), as well as making some good points about how the explosion of variant covers on the market is creating a sales bubble. Some sample commentary:

the best and fairest solution to this dilemma is for me to take one jolly good swig of Rothaus Tannenzäpfle, 5.1% abv, one of the finest and most quaffable pilsners in Germany, whenever a DC Universe title drops five percent or more in August. It’ll be entirely objective.

Thanks to Warner’s more hands-on approach in the last couple of years, Vertigo seems a lot more under pressure to produce hits lately, but without actually getting the budget to build anything. So they’ll be doing adaptations of Quentin Tarantino films and see those tank instead, so they can be decommissioned two or three years down the road for wasting money on licenses and not producing results. It’s the WildStorm way of shutting down cumbersome imprints that allow (a little bit of) creator participation instead of churning out money and viable IP.

DC knew what kind of sales they were shooting for here, presumably, and they got them.

Will Frisch make it through the DC sales charts before he runs out of booze? Click and see

Links: The Oatmeal update, Avengers, New 52, World War Z, etc.

12 Jun

by Mike Hansen

The cover of World War Z

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal raised his $20,000 to spite FunnyJunk in only 64 minutes. He’s now at over $117,000.

Warren Ellis explains why he’s cool with Iron Man 3 using his ideas without paying him. (At least modern creators know what they’re getting into – too bad it doesn’t help the original creators that built comics in the 1930s-1970s.)

Liked the Avengers movie? Support the Jack Kirby Museum!

Were cave dwellers the first animators? Could be.

Speaking of animation – this is the greatest comics commercial I’ve EVER SEEN:

Why can’t DC’s New 52 commercials be that good? (And why are the currently running commercials advertising the upcoming collected editions almost exactly the same as the old ones? That’s a good way to get kids to tune out.)

Speaking of the New 52, it looks like Continue reading

Collected Editions: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF

30 Jan

by Mike Hansen

(Another long post, to make up for lost time…)

Congratulations are due to my friend Kris Shaw, who posted a YouTube video the other day that’s been getting some attention:

If you think those DC hardcovers are bad, DC’s New 52 Omnibus is even worse – check out pictures here.

Bleeding Cool featured the video (twice), and Dan DiDio at DC even had to respond:

Dan DiDio's Facebook response

Actions speak louder than words. Prove it, DC, and maybe you'll start getting my money again...

Kris is one of the readers who convinced Marvel to improve its collected editions over the last decade, and the results speak for themselves: sewn binding instead of glued, hardcovers that lay flat, dustjackets that no longer stick to the covers, and (for the most part) binding that doesn’t cause pages to loosen and fall out. Generally, Marvel has given its customers their money’s worth in the last few years. As for DC… Continue reading

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